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21 Nov 2019

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission approves the California ISO’s energy storage compliance filing. It also again rejects on a 2-1 vote climate analyses of liquefied natural gas export projects.

A U.S. Senate panel calls for the full Senate to approve the Republican FERC nominee. The silence remains deafening on the fate of the Democrats pick, much to the consternation of committee members from that party.

The House Energy & Commerce Committee struggles with the lack of environmental justice and seeks for ways to ensure climate equity.

Environmental justice advocates urge Los Angeles’ muni and mayor to halt the natural gas conversion of the Intermountain Power Project because of financial, climate and equity issues.

Over at the California Energy Commission in Sacramento, predictions are that the gas fleet is needed to accompany a clean energy portfolio.

Also, consultants tell the Energy Commission that much of the greenhouse gas cuts necessary to meet the state’s decarbonization goal are to come out of the electricity sector’s hide.

Earlier in the week, strategies for curbing rising energy use of wastewater treatment operators and water conveyors are center stage at the Energy Commission. Access to real time data is at the top of the list of solutions for cutting these major energy users’ consumption.

California lawmakers insist that private utilities, particularly PG&E, curb the number, duration and impact of power safety shutoffs.

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