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30 Jan 2020

House Democrats produce a massive funding framework and bold climate neutral bill back to back. 

Also midweek, increasing climate protection to thwart hotter and more intense wildfires is the focus of a House Energy & Commerce Committee hearing. The chief of Pacific Gas & Electric Corp. adds his two cents.

The California grid operator continues to laud the pros of its growing Western real-time energy market.

Getting large numbers of electric powered cars on the road would provide big time financial and environmental gains, particularly to struggling polluted neighborhoods in California, a report finds. It also concludes that money now spent at gas pumps would stay in drivers’ pockets, while reducing air pollution and adding thousands of new jobs.

A critical court hearing on the fate of bankrupt Pacific Gas & Electric is cancelled because only one reorganization plan appears in the running. Behind the scenes, there’s mucho maneuvering to rework PG&E’s reorganization plan, including to neutralize the governor’s opposition.

State energy regulatory staff set parameters on private utility microgrid plans to help get projects in high fire risk areas up and running this summer.

PG&E and Southern California Edison propose putting dirty and clean microgrids in areas that suffered power shutoffs last fall. San Diego Gas & Electric’s plan largely reflects how far in front it is on microgrids, with several installed since the devastating wildfires in the region in 2007.

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