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17 Apr 2020

State energy regulators unanimously agree to minor reductions in the bills of the ratepayers of the state’s two largest utilities. The California Public Utilities Commission votes for this no cost step advancing the climate dividend to alleviate financial pressures caused by the fallout of COVID 19.

This dividend is often called a “climate credit.” While it lowers utility bills, it is much more like a refund or deposit of money ratepayers already paid to cover carbon control costs. Learn more from this week’s primer on the issue.

Community energy formally objects to a CPUC proposed decision that would have the private utilities run a new capacity market for resource adequacy.

Pacific Gas & Electric wildfire claimants and their attorneys can’t agree on the risks of the $13.5 billion settlement, particularly the stock portion. Voting has begun and there are concerns that fire victims are being pressured to cast their vote before they know how much they will get and when.

Monterey Bay Community Power’s board votes unanimously to across the board cuts in electricity supply charges for all its ratepayers The temporary 50% cut is to be funded partly by higher rates beginning in mid-summer.

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