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30 Apr 2020

Lawmakers’ mission when back in Sacramento will be economic recovery. In the meantime, live energy bills are whittled down largely to ones that fund alternative power and transportation sectors and create jobs to help the damaged state economy. Also in the active legislation bucket is legislation to reduce the impacts of safety shutoffs.

A bill creating an unpleasant buzz would give an expensive, large pumped storage project near Joshua Tree a leg up. As of press time, it was not among the energy measures withdrawn.

This week’s Juice warns of the disconnect from the state’s climate protection efforts and Pacific Gas & Electric’s–and possibly Edison’s–diesel powered backup generation expected to be installed to thwart safety shutoffs during fires this year. Polluting power or no power is a false choice and one that comes with serious risks.

Energy regulators, however, propose approving’s PG&E dirty backup generation slated for high risk areas and the associated cost recovery. The new proposed CPUC decision also would ease the challenging utility approval processes of projects that can supply critical power during outages and come online by the end of summer.

Trying to reduce fires sparked by utility equipment during the pandemic is chock full of added challenges. State energy and safety regulators make it clear the private utility work must not be interrupted despite the changes needed to protect utility workers and customers.

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