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House Democrats Push a Carbon Tax

5 Dec

In the midst of the United Nations Climate talks in Madrid, Spain, a House committee explored the appropriate price tag to place on a carbon tax as a means of curbing greenhouse gases. The optimal price was said to range between $25 to $100 per ton of carbon dioxide equivalent. Two of the four professors […]

Carbon Trading or Tax?

19 Jan

The fate of the carbon cap-and trade reauthorization is uncertain but California’s political leaders have no plans to back down from decreasing the state’s greenhouse gases, including using other reduction “mechanisms,” Senate President Pro Tem Kevin de León (D-Los Angeles) said Jan. 17. Presumably that includes adoption of a state carbon tax. (more…)

CLIMATE ROUNDUP: Major Public Transit Measure Passes in Bay Area

10 Nov

  Voters in three San Francisco Bay Area counties approved a $3.5 billion infrastructure bond to upgrade the Bay Area Rapid System, exceeding the two-thirds vote requirement. Measure RR won 70.86 percent of the vote in Alameda, Contra Costa and San Francisco counties. Of the approved bond, $1.2 billion is to be spent modernizing the […]