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JUICE: Sugar Daddies

21 Mar

The controversy over the 20-year utility contract for the coastal Puente power plant near Ventura is the tip of California’s excess gas power plant iceberg. Take a look at the California Energy Commission’s recent analysis highlighting how infrequently the power plants along the coast have been used. Last year, several facilities seldom ran. California’s overloaded […]


5 Jan

In an effort to turn over a new leaf in the new year, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti Jan. 3 unveiled a customer bill of rights for the Los Angeles Department of Water & Power. (more…)


7 Apr

Over the last nine months, urban water agencies cut their water by just an overall 24 percent below 2013 levels, or 1.19 million acre feet, which is just short of Gov. Jerry Brown’s 25 percent reduction mandate. However, conservation in February dropped to 12 percent, meeting less than half of Brown’s mandate, which does not […]

Ocean Cooling Mitigation Fee Set for Approval

31 Jul

Next week, the owners and operators of ocean-cooled power plants are expected to be allowed to pay a temporary mitigation fee starting in October to offset the loss of marine life caused by their facility’s sucking in large quantities of seawater. (more…)


2 Jul

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission July 1 reopened the scoping process for relicensing the Diablo Canyon Power Plant after suspending work on Pacific Gas & Electric’s application to extend the right to operate the nuclear facility in 2011. At that time, the agency stopped working on the application in order to provide time for additional seismic […]

JUICE: Naughty & Nice

19 Dec


Water-Energy Nexus Moving to Front Burner

20 Nov

Joint resource conservation.

Water & Energy: Diablo Water Use Lined to Re-Licensing

20 Nov

State regulations.

Massive CA Water Plan Urges Savings

31 Oct

Efficient use.

Feasibility of PG&E Cooling Options Disputed

2 Oct

Debate continues.

Water & Energy: Plan Recalculates Water’s Energy Use

11 Sep

Big questions.

CA Lawmakers Approve Water & Energy Use Bills

4 Sep

Bills could save energy.

Groundwater Pumping Consumes Loads of Power

4 Sep

And it's growing in drought.

Commission Delays Cross-Subsidy of Water Rates by Power Customers

28 Aug

CPUC defers action.

Water & Energy: Policy Makers Promote Water Recycling

28 Aug

Easing the way.

Industry Aims at Costs Impacts of Carbon-Lite

21 Aug

Concerns raised.

CA Reconsiders Water-Driven Plants’ Legacy

21 Aug

Contingency measures.

Policy Makers Dive into Water-Energy Nexus

21 Aug


Farmers Invoke Water Rights

21 Aug


Edison Bids Hydro Despite Low Lakes

21 Aug

Rights invoked.