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CAISO Eases Market Rules for Demand Response

27 Jul

The California Independent System Operator’s board July 26 approved measures to enhance the ability of demand response resources to participate in the grid operator’s market. The board voted in support of rules that specifically include expanding the baseline that evaluates the performance of distributed resources and energy storage in CAISO’s market.  Currently, CAISO uses one […]

CEC Faces More Pressure to Reject Puente Power Project

20 Jul

Opposition to NRG’s proposed Puente power plant at the site of an existing power facility on the beach in Oxnard is continuing to build. Ventura County Supervisor Linda Parks declared her “strong opposition,” and along with others, urged relying on preferred resources. “As renewable energy has become cost-effective and abundant, there is an important question […]

Agencies Seek to Get a Grip on Self Generation

3 Jul

State energy agencies and the grid operator are grappling with how to forecast and better measure growing levels of distributed renewable energy flowing into the distribution and transmission systems. Unlike the high voltage system, power flows to and from lower voltage power lines are less transparent. No “adequate methods exist” for forecasting how distributed energy […]

“Baseload Power” Concept Called Antiquated

26 Jun

In advance of a Department of Energy report expected to highlight an ongoing need for baseload power from nuclear and coal plants, an environmental group June 26 released a study claiming the very notion of baseload power has become “outdated. “The reality is that baseload power is not a technical term and is not needed […]

Ventura Clean Power Alternatives Study Begins

22 Jun

The grid operator late last week agreed to study whether preferred resources—including renewable power and energy storage and efficiency—could be substituted for a proposed fossil fuel power plant in Oxnard to meet Ventura County’s power needs. Replacement power is necessary because two old power plants there are slated to shut down at the end of […]

Opinionated: Transformation at The Grid’s Edge

19 Jun

By Fereidoon Sioshansi Donald Rumsfeld, the former US Defense Secretary, referring to developments following the Iraq invasion famously said, in war, “Stuff happens,” suggesting that much of what happens is unpredictable and not necessarily pleasant. Similarly, in the electric power sector these days, stuff is happening – generally characterized by buzzwords including industry transformation, grid […]


14 Jun

In a change of tune, EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt told a Congressional panel June 15 that he plans not to challenge California’s authority to set tighter automotive emissions standards than the federal standards. Earlier this year, he suggested EPA might review whether the state’s power to set the standards, now in place for almost 50 […]

So CA Preferred Resources & Coastal Plant Replacements Lag

22 May

Southern California faces no shortage of generation or power import capacity this summer although actual deployment of “preferred resources” procured by investor-owned utilities is lagging. However, a shortage of natural gas due to the ongoing closure of the Aliso Canyon natural gas storage field could pose a risk to energy reliability this summer. That scenario […]


19 Jan

The Los Angeles Department of Water & Power board of commissioners approved a customer bill of rights for the muni’s customers on Jan. 17, as expected. The bill of rights, promoted by Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, places response time deadlines for the department in hooking up new customers, helping people on the phone, and […]

Researchers Envision Demand Response Shaping, Shedding, & Shimmying Load

1 Dec

Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory researchers unveiled a final draft assessment of the potential to bolster reliance on demand response as a way meeting the state’s variable need for power. The study shows more than 10 GW of potential that utilities and the grid operator could rely on as solid resources by 2025. It notes that new […]

End of Season Energy & Climate Bill Signings

6 Oct

The governor signed several more energy bills before the end of September deadline. Other measures passed by the full Legislature become law without Gov. Jerry Brown’s signature. (more…)

CPUC Bars Incentives for Fossil Fuel Demand Response

29 Sep

The California Public Utilities Sept. 29 prohibited demand response incentives for fossil fueled resources, under a rulemaking approved on a 4-0 vote. (more…)

CPUC Sees Promise in Integrated Resource Planning

16 Jun

State energy regulators are beginning to transition California’s electric utilities to integrated resource planning to guide procurement of power in place of the existing California Public Utilities Commission’s long-term procurement process. (more…)

GUEST JUICE: State Regulators Must Level the Playing Field

3 Mar

By V. John White The California Public Utilities Commission in 2013 and 2014 authorized Southern California Edison and San Diego Gas & Electric to buy power to meet local capacity requirements to fill the gap from the retirement of once-through-cooled power plants and the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station in Southern California. (more…)


11 Feb

SoCal Gas Feb. 11 had temporarily controlled the natural gas leak at its Aliso Canyon storage facility outside Los Angeles after the relief well it’s been drilling intercepted the base of the leaking well. This allowed the company to pump down heavy fluids to temporarily control the flow of gas out of the leaking well. The […]

SDG&E Electric Vehicle Charging Program Gets Go Ahead

28 Jan

San Diego Gas & Electric can install 3,500 electric vehicle chargers at 350 locations over the next three years at a cost of $45 million under a California Public Utilities Commission decision approved unanimously Jan. 28. (more…)

U.S. Supreme Court Safeguards FERC’s Demand Response Power

26 Jan

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s demand response authority, and order directing that negawatts and megawatts bid into the wholesale market be paid the same rate, was upheld by the highest court of the land Jan. 25. (more…)

CPUC May Bar Fossil-Fueled Backup Generation in Demand Response

14 Jan

A California Public Utilities Commission administrative law judge weighed competing proposals for how and whether to allow backup generation to be used in conjunction with demand response programs on Jan. 13. (more…)

Negawatts Face 2018 Deadline for Trading in CAISO Market

20 Nov

The California Public Utilities Commission Nov. 19 voted unanimously to require that utility demand response resources be bid into the grid operator’s wholesale market to qualify for payments. (more…)

CPUC May Draw Tougher Line on Demand Response

12 Nov

Electric utility regulators later this month are expected to weigh changing California Public Utilities Commission policies in an attempt to broaden participation of demand response negawatts in the California Independent System Operator’s wholesale power market. (more…)