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JUICE: Clashing Colors

8 Jan

Continued efforts by the Trump Administration to brown green federal protections are being met head on by this Blue State’s considerable political, legal and market clout. In his latest move, President Trump, along with Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke, said the administration is repealing the prohibition on coastal oil and gas drilling. Zinke said it would […]

Effort to Dim Energy Star Faces Stiff Opposition

7 Nov

Proposed federal legislation to overhaul the popular Energy Star program, including cutting consumer protections, faced significant opposition from many lawmakers and industry officials at its first airing. The oft repeated plea during the Nov. 7 hearing by the House Energy & Commerce Energy Subcommittee was not to fix the unbroken voluntary energy efficiency labeling program. […]


25 Sep

A Federal Energy Regulatory Commission proposal to facilitate aggregated energy storage and distributed energy resources to participate in wholesale power markets has drawn wide support in comments filed on the federal agency’s proposal, according to an analysis released Sept. 27 by the Solar Electric Power Alliance and the Edison Electric Institute. However, the two organizations’ […]

CA Exodus from Federal Advisory Roles

6 Sep

California is steadily losing its voice when it comes to federal energy and environmental policy as the Trump Administration either alienates or removes Californians from various advisory committees and delegations in Washington. In the latest move, The Trump Administration notified Carl Zichella Sept. 1 that he would not be reappointed to the Department of Energy’s […]


30 Aug

Three House Democrats took Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt to task for a growing lack of transparency at the federal agency in a letter they sent Aug. 30. The three, including Rep. Frank Pallone (D-NJ), expressed concerns about restrictions on employee movement within the agency’s headquarters and a ban on note taking during meetings […]

Climate Roundup: Tar Sands Fuel Protest in Richmond

1 Aug

Protestors July 31 blockaded an oil terminal in Richmond along San Francisco Bay because it’s expected to receive Canadian tar sands. “This is the second week in a row that activists are blockading this facility — and you can expect protests up and down the West Coast as banks and oil companies continue to try […]


21 Jun

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia June 20 upheld the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s approval of PJM’s revised electricity rules for the capacity market. The rules, approved by FERC in June of 2015, add higher penalties for non-performance and an increased cost cap. “Procurements in solar, wind, and demand response fell […]


14 Jun

In a change of tune, EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt told a Congressional panel June 15 that he plans not to challenge California’s authority to set tighter automotive emissions standards than the federal standards. Earlier this year, he suggested EPA might review whether the state’s power to set the standards, now in place for almost 50 […]

JUICE: Trump & CA’s Clean Energy House

5 Apr

President Donald Trump’s growling about climate-friendly federal laws, rules and programs could be worse than his greenhouse gas emissions bite to California’s climate protection efforts, at least in the short term. But, threatened financial chomps are a concern with the possible slashing of federal funding for state renewable energy programs and low-income energy assistance. Sharp […]


26 Jan

Federal Energy Regulatory Commissioner Cheryl LaFleur was appointed FERC’s acting chair by President Donald Trump Jan. 26.  President Barack Obama, who appointed LaFleur in 2010, named her acting chair from November 2013-April 2015. She was replaced by Norman Bay as FERC chair. “While I recognize that FERC is in a state of transition as we […]


19 Jan

The Los Angeles Department of Water & Power board of commissioners approved a customer bill of rights for the muni’s customers on Jan. 17, as expected. The bill of rights, promoted by Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, places response time deadlines for the department in hooking up new customers, helping people on the phone, and […]

House Hearing Shows Sharp Divide on Coal Power in Western States

7 Jul

As California energy officials hurry to regionalize the western power grid, sharp differences were on display this week during a House panel hearing on the impact of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s rules on the nation’s power industry. (more…)

Supremes Halt Clean Power Plan While Under Court Review

11 Feb

The U.S. Supreme Court voted 5-4 late Feb. 9 to stay the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Clean Power Plan until the merits of the challenge to the plan are decided. (more…)

Climate Roundup: Private Utilities Tout Renewable Gas Opportunities

6 Nov

As the California Air Resources Board begins to develop a concrete plan for cutting greenhouse gas emissions 40 percent from their 1990 level by 2030, three major utilities are pitching the promise of renewable natural gas, as well as power to gas, technologies. (more…)


6 Nov

Citizen’s Oversight filed suit over a nuclear waste storage plan at the shuttered San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station approved by the California Coastal Commission, according to Reuters Nov. 4. The suit, filed by former San Diego City Attorney Mike Aguirre, charges the utility’s plan to store spent fuel rods from the plant in metal casks […]

EPA’s Power Plant Emissions Rule Lands in Court

29 Oct

Just after the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency filed its rule to decrease carbon dioxide emissions from power plants in the Federal Register Oct. 23, two dozen states challenged the Clean Power Plan, as expected. (more…)

Regional Cooperation Sought on Clean Power Plan

23 Oct

As the California Air Resources Board begins working on a state plan for complying with the federal Environmental Protection Agency’s Clean Power Plan rule, many power industry officials are calling on the agency to explore regional cooperation in the West. (more…)

Republicans Attack Again on EPA Clean Power Plan

23 Oct

Conservative senators continued their attack on the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s clean air rules, focusing this week on what they called flawed economic analyses in the EPA’s regulatory impact study. During an Oct. 21 hearing, Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-OK), chair of the Senate Environmental & Public Works Committee, blasted the agency’s Clean Power Plan analysis […]

INSIDE THE BELTWAY: Republicans Still Try to Shield Coal from EPA Rule

8 Oct

The cost of the Environmental Protection Agency’s Clean Power Plan was once again the focus of the House Energy & Commerce’s Subcommittee on Energy & Power.  During an Oct. 7 hearing, the Republican committee heads insisted the new emission standards for coal-fired power plants were too costly and will drive up electricity rates at a […]

Lawmakers Spar in Advance of New EPA Ozone Standard

2 Oct

Senators in Washington argued over environmental policy Sept. 29 during a hearing by the Senate Environment & Public Works Committee on the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s air pollution and greenhouse gas reduction policies. (more…)