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Climate Roundup: Low Carbon Energy Project Slated for Huntington Beach

13 Dec

SoCal Gas joined with the University of California-Irvine’s Advanced Power & Energy Program Dec. 12 to design an “advanced energy community” in an underserved neighborhood in Huntington Beach. The community will be planned as a replicable model that employs solar, wind, and renewable natural gas technology, including storage of renewable energy with power-to-gas technology. “Creating […]


21 Aug

Dan Kammen, a University of California professor and chair of the Energy & Resources Group, quit his job as the State Department’s science envoy. His Aug. 23 resignation was in response to President Trump saying the actions of the neo-Nazi groups and civil rights advocates in Charlottesville we are on par. He said Trump’s words […]

The Buzz

28 Jul

The California Independent System Operator seeks to widen the route to the state’s wholesale electricity market for demand response. Microgrids promise benefits, but first the California Energy Commission says numerous speed bumps must be removed to make them more commonplace. The grid operator seeks to head off the potential for sudden loss of large amounts […]

Clean Tech: Using Gas Pipelines for Hydrogen Delivery Is Up Hill Struggle

18 Jul

While policymakers envision piggybacking on the natural gas utility pipeline distribution system to distribute hydrogen to fuel vehicles and burn in homes and businesses, a new study casts doubt about the economics and practicality of doing so, at least for the next 20 years. The University of California at Davis study, presented to the California […]

CEC Continues to Grant Big Clean Energy Bucks

14 Jun

The California Energy Commission June 14 approved well over $50 million in grants to advance efficiency and alternative energy use in the transportation, natural gas and electricity sectors. Among the many grants approved on 3-0 votes was more than $20 million for nine new hydrogen refueling stations in California. The alternative fuel stations are expected […]

Undercurrents: Musings on the Hydrogen Highway

26 Jan

Little has been heard about the “Hydrogen Highway” since Arnold Schwarzenegger left Sacramento and returned to Hollywood puffing a cigar in his H2 Hummer back in 2008. Today, not only is Schwarzenegger “back” as the kingpin in the Celebrity Apprentice, with Donald Trump as executive producer, but there’s renewed emphasis on creating hydrogen fueling infrastructure […]

Hydrogen Energy California Folds

10 Mar

Hydrogen Energy California March 3 withdrew its application for a California Energy Commission construction license to build the first fossil-fueled power plant in California equipped with carbon capture and sequestration technology. The same day the Energy Commission formally terminated the licensing proceeding. (more…)

CEC Keeps Hydrogen Energy California Project Alive

9 Jul

The California Energy Commission July 7 denied a petition filed by the Sierra Club, farmers, and another environmental group in Kern County to terminate a licensing proceeding for the proposed Hydrogen Energy California power plant. (more…)

CLIMATE ROUNDUP: PacificCorp Plans to Cut Back on Coal

18 Jun

PacifiCorp is cutting back its coal resources and plans to expand energy efficiency and its portfolio of renewable resources, according to its Integrated Energy Resource Plans recently filed in California, Oregon, Washington, Utah, Wyoming and Idaho. (more…)

CLIMATE ROUNDUP: Carbon Auction Sees Little Price Movement

28 May

Carbon emissions rights went for about $12 a ton in last week’s joint auction by California and Quebec. (more…)

CLIMATE ROUNDUP: CEC Weighs Pulling Plug on Hydrogen Energy CA Licensing

24 Apr

The California Energy Commission has set a May 6 hearing on whether to terminate the construction licensing proceeding for Hydrogen Energy California’s proposed power plant equipped with carbon capture and sequestration technology in Kern County. (more…)