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20 Feb

The Trump Administration’s rollback of methane control rules for oil and gas producers operating on federal land will cut back on royalty payments that fund local facilities, like road maintenance, health centers, and school supplies in the rural areas where wells are located, according to the Environmental Defense Fund. Relaxing the Obama Administration rules will […]


13 Feb

Updated Feb. 15. The Los Angeles Department of Water & Power is purchasing biomass power from the American Renewable Power-Loyalton Biomass project in Sierra County. LADWP will get 8.9 MW of biomass energy from American Renewable for five years under the deal at a cost of $97.50 per MWh. The deal helps satisfy an obligation […]

Efficiency Shines at EPIC Meeting

8 Feb

During a Feb. 8 symposium on innovative clean projects and prospects funded by the Electric Program Investment Charge, energy efficiency got top billing. “Negawatts are our priority,” said Sen. Nancy Skinner (D- Berkeley) at the all-day workshop. Energy efficiency, added Sean Armstrong with Redwood Energy, “is where the market is at.” At the same time, […]


6 Feb

The nation is destined to become a net energy importer by 2022 after being a net importer since 1953, according to the Energy Information Administration’s Annual Energy Outlook 2018, released Feb. 6. Exports of oil and gas will rise as domestic production continues to ramp up, but also as domestic demand is tempered by energy […]

JUICE: Building Code Update Calls for Solar on New Homes

29 Jan

California will become the first state in the nation to require solar systems on new homes under a massive update to state building energy efficiency standards to be adopted by the California Energy Commission this spring. The standards will add about 200 MW of rooftop solar to the grid each year as home builders construct […]

Innovative Heating Methods Save Gas & Money

25 Jan

Emerging technology projects aimed at reducing natural gas use in buildings while also lowering costs show promise. The California Energy Commission learned at a Jan. 24 workshop about a new rooftop air conditioning unit that uses waste heat from the air conditioned space to pre-heat hot water. The technology cuts natural gas use between 25-35 […]

Bill to Bolster LNG Exports Faces Manufacturer Objections

25 Jan

Federal legislation that would tilt decisions about liquefied natural gas exports in favor of domestic producers over domestic consumers faced opposition during a Jan. 19 House Energy & Commerce Subcommittee on Energy hearing. “HR 4605, as drafted would delete section 3(a) from the Natural Gas Act, which includes a public interest standard for judging whether […]

The Buzz

18 Jan

The California grid operator plans to move into the western reliability coordination market. And, it plans to do so at a steep discount. An independent group of scientists finds that gas storage fields are needed now, but might later be converted to store clean fuels or captured carbon dioxide. Forthcoming federal standards aim to improve […]

Science Panel Sees New Wine in Old Gas Storage Field Bottles

18 Jan

An independent state science panel concluded this week that California will continue to be reliant on natural gas storage facilities through 2020 to meet its energy needs, particularly for winter heating and power. Looking longer term, the panel suggested that California study how the storage fields will fit into a decarbonized economy. It suggested, for […]

CEC Chair Touts So Cal Gas Storage & Dispenses Funds

17 Jan

During the California Energy Commission’s Jan. 17 meeting, its chair noted that the initial urgency driving him and the California Public Utilities Commission president to halt new natural gas hookups fed by the Aliso Canyon storage field has diminished. December, according to CEC Chair Bob Weisenmiller, was “incredibly warm,” reducing normal heating demand by about […]

BP to Pay CA for Excess Natural Gas Charges

11 Jan

California Attorney General Xavier Becerra Jan. 11 unveiled a $102 million settlement with BP for overcharging California state and local governments for natural gas supplied between 2003 and 2012. At a press conference announcing the agreement, Becerra said the company provided false information to the state and local governments in order to overcharge them under […]

CPUC Delays LA County Gas Hookup Moratorium

10 Jan

Updated Jan. 11, 2018. Strong opposition from local businesses and elected officials pushed the California Public Utilities Commission Jan. 10 to postpone enacting a gas hookup moratorium in Los Angeles County for new commercial and industrial buildings through the end of March. Fearing gas shortages because of outages of three pipelines that supply the area, […]

Undercurrents: DOE Wants Nation to be Energy Top Dog

9 Jan

Energy dominance is a key Department of Energy goal under President Trump, a leading department official told a House panel this week. Reliable delivery of energy to consumers is another major goal. “We are closing in on our nation’s long-elusive goal of full energy independence,” said Deputy Secretary of Energy Dan Brouillette before the House […]

JUICE: Clashing Colors

8 Jan

Continued efforts by the Trump Administration to brown green federal protections are being met head on by this Blue State’s considerable political, legal and market clout. In his latest move, President Trump, along with Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke, said the administration is repealing the prohibition on coastal oil and gas drilling. Zinke said it would […]

No Holiday Rest for Energy Policy Actions

2 Jan

Key energy policy developments continued to unfold over the holiday period in California and the nation, with state utility regulators proposing a gas hookup moratorium in Los Angeles County for new homes and buildings and Marin County local government agencies going 100 percent renewable. In addition, Pacific Gas & Electric announced it was not paying […]

House Panel Debates North American Energy Trading

14 Dec

A House Energy & Commerce subcommittee Dec. 13 heard various views on whether and how to revise the North American Free Trade Agreement, and specifically about ramifications to trade in natural gas, electricity and crude oil between the U.S., Canada and Mexico. “Energy trade and regulatory alignment have allowed the three countries to reduce their […]

Proposed Gas Hookup Moratorium for LA Draws Opposition

7 Dec

State energy agencies are pressing Los Angeles County to freeze gas hookups for newly constructed homes and businesses in the face of feared “gas service interruptions” this winter. Three natural gas pipelines are out of service and the Aliso Canyon natural gas storage field’s has limited capacity to inject gas into the local pipeline system. […]


6 Dec

Updated Dec. 7 Kevin McIntyre was sworn in Dec. 7 as Federal Energy Regulatory Commission chair after weeks of delay and speculation as to why. McIntyre’s nomination to FERC, along with that of Rich Glick, Democratic General Counsel for the Senate Committee on Energy & Natural Resources, were approved by the Senate on Nov. 2. […]

Senate Panel Begins Work on Energy Measures

5 Dec

A U.S. Senate committee took testimony during a Dec. 5 hearing on seven separate bills dealing with Department of Energy programs. Under Secretary of Energy Mark Menezes pledged to work with the House Energy & Natural Resources Subcommittee on Energy & Power as the bills advance. He expressed enthusiasm about some of the measures, including […]

So Cal Faces Tight Winter Gas Supply, State Says

28 Nov

Demand response programs aimed at reducing residential and commercial customers’ natural gas use in Southern California are considered key to avoiding possible fuel shortages this winter because of projected supply crimps. A state assessment released Nov. 28 figures that the risk of natural gas curtailments this winter is greater than last year, driving up the […]