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JUICE: Nuclear Waste Dump Revival

3 Nov

  Last Saturday, a Native American chief drove a stake into the ground as a symbol of protest against continuing to store radioactive nuclear waste onsite at the closed down San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station in San Diego County. (more…)

SMUD Works on Nuclear Waste Storage License Renewal

29 Sep

The Sacramento Municipal Utility District will do its due diligence before submitting an application to renew its operational license for the spent nuclear fuel repository facility it operates, muni representatives told the Nuclear Regulatory Commission during a Sept. 27 meeting at NRC offices in Maryland. (more…)


30 Jun

The State Lands Commission June 28 agreed to extend the lease for Pacific Gas & Electric’s Diablo Canyon nuclear plant to 2025. The lease was set to expire in 2018. The extension was granted less than a week after PG&E formally agreed to drop its controversial pursuit of a 20-year operating license extension from the […]

Federal Appeals Court Upholds Radioactive Waste Storage at Nuclear Power Plants

9 Jun

The District Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit June 3 denied a group of states’ call to reject the Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s rule allowing continued onsite storage of radioactive waste at nuclear power plants. (more…)

JUICE: Naughty & Nice

17 Dec

Here’s California Current’s 2015 rundown of the best and worst in the energy world directly and indirectly affecting California. (more…)


20 Nov

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission Nov. 16 slapped Pacific Gas & Electric with a violation for changing an earthquake testing methodology in 2013 without adequate justification. “This violation is of very low safety-significance and does not challenge the seismic safety of the facility,” said Blair Jones, PG&E spokesperson. He said the utility has subsequently provided additional […]


29 Oct

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission wants Pacific Gas & Electric to complete a seismic probabilistic risk assessment by Sept. 30, 2017, for its Diablo Canyon Power Plant. The agency outlined the requirement in a letter to 20 nuclear plant operators on Oct. 27, including PG&E. The aim is to provide the federal regulatory agency with the […]

Mid-Century Nuclear Twilight Foreseen

23 Oct

Despite concerns about the future role of nuclear power and closure of nuclear plants in the U.S., the grid is more reliable than ever, according to Mark Lauby, North American Electric Reliability Corp. senior vice president. (more…)

INSIDE THE BELTWAY: NRC Faces Potential Budget Cuts

8 Oct

  The Nuclear Regulatory Commission is under intense Congressional pressure to downsize its staff and operations as its workload regulating a moribund nuclear power industry declines. (more…)

NRC: Yucca Mountain Contamination Threat Minor

17 Sep

Any potential impacts that a proposed nuclear waste dump at Yucca Mountain, Nevada, would have on local groundwater would be “small,” claims a supplement to the Environmental Impact Statement for the proposed site discussed this week. (more…)

NRC Post-Fukushima Diet

11 Sep

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission is busy downsizing its workforce and reassessing regulatory processes and priorities due to an aging fleet of nuclear plants and increased threats, the chair of the federal agency told Congressional lawmakers this week. (more…)

JUICE: In Search of Wisdom

31 Jul

A tee-shirt I wear that draws favorable comments states in simple black print: “Information is abundant. Wisdom is scarce.” (more…)

Diablo Canyon Profit at Stake?

31 Jul

Whether the Diablo Canyon Power Plant is safe and should remain open or is dangerous and should be closed is the focus of a battle between Pacific Gas & Electric and Friends of the Earth and other environmental groups. (more…)

Shaking Up Diablo Canyon

23 Jul

Pacific Gas & Electric faces mounting pressure that ultimately could lead it to close its 30-year-old 2,240 MW Diablo Canyon Power Plant, California’s last operating nuclear generating station. (more…)

Diablo’s Shifting Seismic Safety Methodologies

23 Jul

Seismic safety at the Diablo Canyon reactor along the coast of San Luis Obispo County has been a moving target since the Atomic Energy Commission approved construction of the plant in 1968. (more…)

Atomic Board takes up Diablo Canyon Plant Seismic Safety

9 Jul

The legitimacy of the Diablo Canyon Power Plant’s nuclear power operating license following the discovery of new and longer faults that increase seismic safety risks was argued July 9 before the Atomic Safety Licensing Board. (more…)


2 Jul

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission July 1 reopened the scoping process for relicensing the Diablo Canyon Power Plant after suspending work on Pacific Gas & Electric’s application to extend the right to operate the nuclear facility in 2011. At that time, the agency stopped working on the application in order to provide time for additional seismic […]

Edison Gets Break on Emergency Preparedness at Closed San Onofre

18 Jun

In light of its permanent closure, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission eased emergency preparedness requirements at the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station. (more…)


12 Jun

San Luis Obispo Mothers for Peace called for an immediate shut down of the Diablo Canyon Nuclear Generating plant June 10 after discovering that 19 of 34 dry casks holding spent high burnup fuel were “improperly” loaded at the site. “In 56 percent of the dry casks now stored on the fragile, earthquake-prone coastline at […]


5 Jun

Natural gas trading dropped in 2014 for the third year in a row, according to data collected by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. That was even as the supply of gas expanded. Gas trades dropped 3 percent from the volume in 2013, according to the data interpreted by Natural Gas Intelligence. Typical was Sempra Energy, […]


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