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CAISO Aims for 15-Minute Day-Ahead Market

14 Nov

The grid operator adopted additional enhancements to its interconnection process Nov. 14, including requiring wind and solar generators to install inverters in new projects or upgraded inverters in existing facilities so they continue to operate during transmission line voltage faults. The California Independent System Operator’s action this week also incorporated two other improvements into its […]

FERC Order Promises to Be a Boon for Energy Storage

15 Feb

Federal energy regulators Feb. 15 adopted an order to expand participation of energy storage providers in wholesale power markets and another to enhance the frequency response capabilities of new generation facilities. The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s order on storage, said Kevin McIntyre, commission chair, requires independent system operators and regional transmission organizations to remove “unnecessary […]

OPINIONATED: The Sorry State Of Demand Response, Smart Meters/Dumb Tariffs

22 Jan

 By Fereidoon Sioshansi The Energy Policy Act of 2005 requires the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to conduct an annual survey of demand response and advanced metering in the U.S. The 12th edition of the report was released in Dec. 2017 and anyone looking for major revelations is likely to be disappointed. Not much happens from […]


18 Oct

The grid operator’s Energy Imbalance Market produced benefits of $40.55 million for its five participating members during the third quarter this year. Benefits since the western imbalance market began in 2014 now total $254.98 million, according to the California Independent System Operator on Oct. 18. The grid operator also said that carbon emissions from the […]

The Buzz

28 Jul

The California Independent System Operator seeks to widen the route to the state’s wholesale electricity market for demand response. Microgrids promise benefits, but first the California Energy Commission says numerous speed bumps must be removed to make them more commonplace. The grid operator seeks to head off the potential for sudden loss of large amounts […]

Grid Operator Seeks to Avoid Solar Energy Crash

24 Jul

The California Independent System Operator is working to get utility-scale solar generators to reset the controls on their inverters to avoid massive losses of generation when transmission lines experience momentary faults. The effort comes after major solar systems have suddenly quit feeding power to the grid—in one case causing a sudden loss of almost 1,200 […]

The Buzz

7 Jul

Taking the “dis” out of disadvantaged communities was center stage for lawmakers and regulators this week.  Reversing the trend of rising climate emissions and co-pollutants in poor local neighborhoods was the focus of a joint legislative Climate Change Policy panel.  Meanwhile, the CPUC zeroed in on making environmental justice  energy programs just. The Utilities & […]

Energy Bills Increasing Data Access & Decreasing New Plants Pass

6 Jul

The Assembly Utilities & Energy Committee approved two bills midweek that seek to expand public access to energy data and avoid ratepayer investments in unneeded expansions of the traditional fossil-fueled power system. SB 356 by Sen. Nancy Skinner (D-Berkeley), which aims to increase web access to energy information, passed on a 9-4 vote in spite […]

CPUC Targets Smart Inverters’ Potential by 2020

3 Jul

A key to reaching Gov. Jerry Brown’s goal of 12,000 MW of distributed energy resources by 2020 involves maximizing the use of smart inverters. Smart inverters “mitigate many of the traditional concerns associated with variable distributed energy resources,” like solar panels, Gabe Petlin, California Public Utilities Commission supervisor, said during a June 29 California Energy […]

Making Way for Microgrids

26 Apr

Three energy agencies are working to smooth the way for microgrids in the state. “Microgrids are one of the solutions to help California meet its aggressive [climate protection] goals,” Mike Gravely, California Energy Commission deputy director, said during an April 25 joint agency workshop. The Energy Commission, California Public Utilities Commission and the California Independent […]

LADWP Continues Smart Grid Program with Universities

20 Nov

The Los Angeles Department of Water & Power’s board Nov. 17 voted to extend for at least a year a smart grid program that’s 50 percent funded by the federal Department of Energy. (more…)

SMUD and CA Admin Ink Big Green Energy Deal

24 Sep

The Sacramento Municipal Utility District and California Department of General Services have entered a deal under which the state will become one of the largest purchasers of renewable energy in the nation. General Services will become the muni’s largest green energy customer. (more…)

SDG&E Expanding its Borrego Springs Microgrid

20 Feb

In gazing to the future, San Diego Gas & Electric is fully building out a microgrid system in the small and physically isolated desert community of Borrego Springs with the help of a $5 million grant from the California Energy Commission. (more…)

Expect No Big Grid Cybersecurity Bills, Lawmaker Says

6 Feb

Republican Congressional leaders plan no “significant” bills on grid cybersecurity in the coming legislative session, according to a leading lawmaker on energy policy. (more…)

California Ranks First in Advanced Energy Employment

5 Dec

Advanced Energy Economy (AEE) released the first California Advanced Energy Employment Survey, showing more than 430,000 people at over 4,000 firms work in the advanced energy economy today. Also, recently the UC Berkeley Don Vial Center on the Green Economy focused on the solar industry, showing that California’s strong state policies combined with federal incentives have positioned the state […]

COGito…..NEM and Transactive Energy – A New Utility Paradigm

20 Oct

Analysis and Insights by Fereidoon P. Sioshansi, Ph.D., President, Menlo Energy Economics Solar vs. Non-solar Customers The answer is outside the proverbial box The power industry is undergoing significant change at an accelerated rate. This means that many of the concepts that traditionally made perfect sense, no longer do. Moving forward, many of the time-tested principles […]

Risky Business Report Highlights Economic Damage from Climate Change

5 Jul

This week the unusual bipartisan coalition of business and political leaders known as the Risky Business Project released “Risky Business – The Economic Risks of Climate Change in the United States.” The analysis uses a standard risk-assessment approach to determine the range of potential consequences for each region of the U.S.—as well as for selected […]

Smart Grid, Passive and Active Solar, Electric Vehicles, V2G, Energy Efficiency, Microgrid and More in One Place

4 Apr

On March 25th at the University of California Davis campus an iPad was touched and the Honda Smart Home (HSH) was officially open. This state-of-the-art dwelling is a collaborative effort between American Honda Motor Company and UC Davis. Located on the newly constructed West Village part of the campus, the project brings to real life […]

Tom Steyer, Climate Activist, to Inject $100 Million into 2014 Campaigns

20 Feb

Tom Steyer, best known to readers of COG as the principal financial supporter of California’s 2012 Proposition 39, is planning to inject $100 million into the 2014 election cycle, reported the New York Times. (more…)

Smart Grid Roadmap for Renewables Integration

20 Jul

The Energy Commission has just published (July 19) its latest effort under its Public Interest Energy Research program: “Smart Grid Roadmap for Renewables Integration.” (more…)