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The Buzz

25 Aug

State utility regulators okayed a shift in the peak pricing period to later in the day for San Diego Gas & Electric customers. Industry advocates warn it erodes the economic advantages of rooftop solar. Secretary of Energy Rick Perry gets an education about how the grid operates. A Department of Energy staff report he requested […]

CPUC Okays New SDG&E Peak Period

24 Aug

State energy regulators unanimously approved the second phase of San Diego Gas & Electric’s 2016-19 general rate case, which includes a shift in the time-of-use peak period and off peak rates. The redesign is part of SDG&E’s allocation of its approved triennial revenue requirement. “Time-of-use rates acknowledge we have an eclipse every day,” Mike Picker, […]

Aligning PV Benefits & Burdens for Haves & Have-Nots

17 Sep

How to measure the costs and benefits of net metered solar rooftops to eliminate cost shifting to those without photovoltaic systems is at the heart of the regulatory proceeding to revise the private utilities’ rate structure, as required by law. (more…)

JUICE: Commission Eyes Wide Shut

9 Jul

For six months, California Public Utilities Commissioners have promised profusely to make transparency and public accessibility a top priority in the wake of revelations of backroom dealings that both rocked the agency and prompted legal probes and reform bills. (more…)