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Juice: Can CCAs Build a Resilient Energy System?

5 Feb

Pacific Gas & Electric’s bankruptcy is forcing California energy policymakers to grapple with the future of the energy utility business model. PG&E’s massive $30 billion liability for wildfires has led the California Public Utilities Commission to investigate how the utility might be broken up into smaller units that could avoid electric lines sparking fires and […]

Juice: Centralizing to Decentralize

2 Jul

As community choice aggregation, distributed generation, and interest by companies in making or purchasing their own power rise, California energy officials appear ready to change the state’s electricity market under the banner of “customer choice.” It’s uncertain what the California Public Utilities Commission will recommend in its final analysis outlining how customer choice is changing […]

PG&E Pays $97M Fine for Ex Parte Wrongs

27 Apr

Pacific Gas & Electric agreed to pay $97.5 million in penalties under a settlement that puts to rest charges of prohibited secret communications between utility officials and state regulators. The California Public Utilities Commission approved the agreement April 26. “We hope PG&E will finally get the message that they have to play by the rules,” […]

The Buzz

9 Mar

A sizable midweek natural gas leak in San Diego shuts down a freeway, a huge mall and requires evacuations. As bad is the accompanying lack of a quick and easy shut off. Hours before, information leaked out that natural gas withdrawals from Aliso Canyon by SoCal Gas were quietly okayed over the weekend, riling a […]

OPINIONATED: A New CPUC Tool to Reduce Ex Parte Exchanges

20 Feb

By Todd Edmister A recent CA Current article described a Feb.7, 2017, CPUC Commissioner informational webinar on “Impacts of Climate Change and Resulting Resiliency Challenges.” Though noticed as addressing “select questions submitted by the public,” the purpose of the meeting was limited to addressing questions from “investor groups,” as Commissioners Picker and Peterman stated in […]

JUICE: A Legislative Energy Agenda

6 Feb

As the Legislature gathers steam in Sacramento, numerous key energy-related issues are ripe for action, from how to deal with over-capacity in the state’s power market to the extent to which electric utilities should be liable for wildfires sparked by their equipment. Energy agencies are attempting to deal with some of the conflicts—for instance, exit […]

Gov. Signs Big CPUC Reform Deal

27 Jun

After being continually pressured by lawmakers to overhaul the California Public Utilities Commission, Gov. Jerry Brown reached an agreement with key Democratic legislators to reform the agency. On June 27, Brown signed an historic deal with Assemblymember Mike Gatto (D-Los Angeles) and Sens. Jerry Hill (D-San Mateo) and Mark Leno (D-San Francisco) to make the […]

Atomic Board takes up Diablo Canyon Plant Seismic Safety

9 Jul

The legitimacy of the Diablo Canyon Power Plant’s nuclear power operating license following the discovery of new and longer faults that increase seismic safety risks was argued July 9 before the Atomic Safety Licensing Board. (more…)

Bill Would Spotlight Utility Costs

9 Jul

Pending legislation, AB 825 by Assemblymember Anthony Rendon (D-Lakewood), could help shed light on the big picture cost to ratepayers of utility proceedings at the California Public Utilities Commission. (more…)

JUICE: Commission Eyes Wide Shut

9 Jul

For six months, California Public Utilities Commissioners have promised profusely to make transparency and public accessibility a top priority in the wake of revelations of backroom dealings that both rocked the agency and prompted legal probes and reform bills. (more…)

50% Renewable Bill Sails through Senate Panel

9 Jul

The Senate Energy, Utilities, & Communications Committee backed five energy bills July 7, most notably one to increase the state’s renewable portfolio standard from 33 to 50 percent and another to improve transparency at the California Public Utilities Commission. (more…)

JUICE: Can You Spare a Dime?

9 Apr

Pardon me for using the overused cliché that the devil is in the details. But it’s particularly true when it comes to public participation, data access, and that new buzzword “transparency” constantly heard at the California Public Utilities Commission, where it seems you can’t get a dime or a cup of coffee even when traveling […]