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Once Through Cooling Deadlines Not So Certain

21 Apr

An advisory board recommended April 18 staying the course on phasing out the use of large quantities of ocean water to cool coastal power plants. The phase out deadlines, set for the facilities in May 2010 by the State Water Resources Control Board, seek to address the decades of harm to the coastal ecosystem from […]

JUICE: Naughty & Nice

17 Dec

Here’s California Current’s 2015 rundown of the best and worst in the energy world directly and indirectly affecting California. (more…)

CEC Pulls Plug on Bioenergy Plant Funding

10 Dec

The California Energy Commission this week took the rare step of cancelling an active financial grant when it terminated a multi-million dollar award to a bioenergy company due to what the commission called “significant and unresolved financial irregularities.” (more…)

CLIMATE CHANGE ROUNDUP: Addressing Water Industry’s Carbon Emissions

10 Dec

The Climate Registry Dec. 7 issued guidance for Southern California water agencies to use in calculating greenhouse gas emissions from the energy used to provide water to their customers and treat wastewater. (more…)

CEC Rejects Carlsbad Plant Challenge

24 Sep

Two interveners who sought to undo the California Energy Commission’s authorization to change a planned power plant from a combined-cycle facility to a simple-cycle project were rejected by commission this week. (more…)

CA Regulators Move to Marry Distributed Resources

17 Sep

The California Public Utilities Commission Sept. 17 took a step towards establishing a framework to integrate, increase and compensate demand side and distributed energy resources. (more…)

CEC Approves Water Appliance Efficiency Standards

20 Aug

Appliance efficiency standards, which could save the state more than 2.4 billion gallons of water in the first year alone, were approved during the California Energy Commission’s most recent business meeting. (more…)

CEC Approves Water-Energy Tech Rebate Guide

9 Jul

The California Energy Commission this week approved the first edition of a guidebook for the state’s Water Energy Technology Rebate Program, a new effort to provide funding for technologies that meet certain criteria for saving both water and energy. (more…)


9 Jul

Energy demand is expected to grow a little more than 1 percent a year over the next decade, according to a preliminary energy demand forecast by the California Energy Commission. During a July 7 meeting, high, medium and low demand scenarios between 2016 and 2026 were presented, with the variations largely dependent on the growth […]

Calculating Avoided Water-Energy Costs via Efficiency

8 May

The California Public Utilities Commission May 4 continued laying out the parameters of its complex methodology for estimating the cost savings reaped from water efficiency devices and figuring out how to split the estimated savings among energy and water utility customers. That includes, for example, low flush toilets and other retrofits, which produce energy savings […]

Water-Energy Efficiency Gets a Boost

30 Apr

The Senate Natural Resources Committee April 28 passed two bills: one promoting joint water and energy use efficiency and the other protecting non-potable groundwater supplies from fracking contaminants. (more…)

CEC’s Emergency Water Rules Save Energy Too

9 Apr

At the behest of Gov. Jerry Brown, the California Energy Commission April 8 passed emergency regulations that establish efficiency standards for water appliances. The standards will save energy too. (more…)


3 Apr

Mike Florio, California Public Utilities Commission member, was removed as the assigned commissioner on the San Onofre Nuclear Plant proceeding, according to a March 31 announcement by the CPUC chief administrative law judge, Karen Clopton. Commissioner Catherine J.K. Sandoval is now in charge of the proceeding, according to the U-T San Diego. (more…)

CAISO Forecasts Big Hydro Hit

3 Apr

At a time when the mountain snowpack usually is at its peak after winter storms, Sierra snowpack levels are just 5 percent of their historical average, according to the last Department of Water Resources snowpack survey of the season. (more…)