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Sen. Panel Approves Bills Mandating Natural Gas Impact Studies

16 Jun

The Senate Energy Utilities & Communications Committee June 13 passed measures requiring studies of the health impacts of the months-long methane leak at Aliso Canyon and on the amount of natural gas needed to fuel proposed generating projects. It also approved legislation seeking to advance emerging energy storage technologies. (more…)

Assembly Utilities Committee Passes Nuclear Storage, Tariff Bills

16 Jun

A state Senate joint resolution urging the “prompt and safe” relocation of spent nuclear fuel from the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station to an unidentified interim consolidated storage facility was passed unanimously by the Assembly’s Utilities & Commerce Committee June 15. (more…)

Mojave Desert Plant to Be ‘Drought-Proofed’

16 Jun

The California Energy Commission this week approved a plan to “drought-proof” a power facility located in the Mojave Desert to compensate for water supply issues claimed to be unforeseen when the project was licensed 16 years ago. (more…)

Once Through Cooling Deadlines Not So Certain

21 Apr

An advisory board recommended April 18 staying the course on phasing out the use of large quantities of ocean water to cool coastal power plants. The phase out deadlines, set for the facilities in May 2010 by the State Water Resources Control Board, seek to address the decades of harm to the coastal ecosystem from […]


7 Jan

Natural gas prices on the spot market averaged $2.61 per million British thermal units in 2015, the lowest level since 1999, according to the Energy Information Agency Jan. 5. A warm fall last year and record production and storage levels were behind the low price, EIA said.   (more…)

Coastal Water Cooling Revamp on Track

6 Nov

The advisory committee on the phase out of water-intensive cooling at the state’s 19 coastal power plants told water officials Nov. 4 that nearly all the plant operators were able to meet the deadlines for repowering their facilities to slash their water use or retire them. (more…)


23 Oct

California’s climate protection and renewable policies, along with the drought, have grabbed headlines, while the critical phase-out of the state’s ocean-cooled power plants has continued to burn on the back of the energy stove. (more…)

AES Moving Ahead with Redondo Repowering

17 Sep

AES Southland says it plans to move forward with repowering its Redondo Beach power plant despite widespread community opposition and complaints about a recent natural gas leak at the facility. (more…)

NRC: Yucca Mountain Contamination Threat Minor

17 Sep

Any potential impacts that a proposed nuclear waste dump at Yucca Mountain, Nevada, would have on local groundwater would be “small,” claims a supplement to the Environmental Impact Statement for the proposed site discussed this week. (more…)


11 Sep

The second phase of a multi-year effort to ensure needed transmission is in place to allow the continued growth of renewable supplies was launched Sept. 10. This second step in the Renewable Energy Transmission Initiative, initially begun in 2007, aims to spend the next two years developing a draft transmission plan, including repurposing existing lines […]

JUICE: Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

3 Sep

The silver lining of the ongoing drought is how it’s focused politicians, regulators and many others of us in California on the importance of water conservation. (more…)

Ocean Cooling Mitigation Fee Set for Approval

31 Jul

Next week, the owners and operators of ocean-cooled power plants are expected to be allowed to pay a temporary mitigation fee starting in October to offset the loss of marine life caused by their facility’s sucking in large quantities of seawater. (more…)

New Water Appliance Standards Approved by CEC

14 May

The California Energy Commission May 13 unanimously approved efficiency standards for toilets, urinals, faucets, HVAC air filters, florescent deep dimming ballasts and heat pump water chilling packages. The standards seek to save both energy and water. (more…)

Water Board Sets New Rules for Desalination Plants

8 May

The State Water Resources Control Board May 7 unanimously adopted amended rules for desalination plants along California’s shores, which are back in vogue in this fourth year of drought. Facilities that remove salts from ocean and brackish water to make it potable consume considerable amounts of power. (more…)

Water-Energy Efficiency Gets a Boost

30 Apr

The Senate Natural Resources Committee April 28 passed two bills: one promoting joint water and energy use efficiency and the other protecting non-potable groundwater supplies from fracking contaminants. (more…)

CEC’s Emergency Water Rules Save Energy Too

9 Apr

At the behest of Gov. Jerry Brown, the California Energy Commission April 8 passed emergency regulations that establish efficiency standards for water appliances. The standards will save energy too. (more…)

CAISO Forecasts Big Hydro Hit

3 Apr

At a time when the mountain snowpack usually is at its peak after winter storms, Sierra snowpack levels are just 5 percent of their historical average, according to the last Department of Water Resources snowpack survey of the season. (more…)

GUEST JUICE: Clean Power for Clean Water

20 Mar

By Jan Smutny-Jones Gov. Jerry Brown has proposed three ambitious clean energy goals within the next 15 years. They are increasing from one-third to 50 percent our electricity derived from renewable resources; reducing today’s petroleum use in cars and trucks by up to 50 percent; and doubling the efficiency of existing buildings and making heating […]


13 Mar

SMUD and the U.S. Forest Service propose swapping land to benefit SMUD’s Iowa Hill pumped-storage hydropower project, muni general manager Arlen Orchard said March 5. Under the proposal, SMUD would give the federal government a 325-acre parcel in the Gerle Creek watershed in exchange for 433 acres of federal land around Iowa Hill. Some of […]

Agency Blasted for Water Poisoned by Fracking

13 Mar

The contamination of groundwater supplies from wastewater produced as part of fracking wells for oil and gas grabbed headlines and lawmakers’ attention this week. (more…)