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Undercurrents: Bill Promoting Renewables During Peaks Before Gov.

7 Sep

State legislation to increase the amount of clean alternative resources used to meet peak demand passed both chambers this week. The Senate passed SB 338 on 27-13 vote Sept. 6 after the Assembly passed it 46-26 the day before. “California can demonstrate that a low-cost, low-carbon grid is possible 24/7,” said Sen. Nancy Skinner (D-Berkeley), […]

LADWP Moves Forward on Energy Storage

21 Aug

The nation’s largest municipal power utility committed to connecting 178 MW of electricity storage projects to its system over the next five years. The first project is a 20 MW battery system that will store excess power produced by major solar and wind projects in the Mojave Desert. Acting Aug. 16, the Los Angeles Department […]

The Buzz

28 Jul

The California Independent System Operator seeks to widen the route to the state’s wholesale electricity market for demand response. Microgrids promise benefits, but first the California Energy Commission says numerous speed bumps must be removed to make them more commonplace. The grid operator seeks to head off the potential for sudden loss of large amounts […]

Opinionated: Transformation at The Grid’s Edge

19 Jun

By Fereidoon Sioshansi Donald Rumsfeld, the former US Defense Secretary, referring to developments following the Iraq invasion famously said, in war, “Stuff happens,” suggesting that much of what happens is unpredictable and not necessarily pleasant. Similarly, in the electric power sector these days, stuff is happening – generally characterized by buzzwords including industry transformation, grid […]

Massachusetts Bests CA in Energy Efficiency

14 Jun

California’s three investor-owned utilities are among the nation’s top ten when it comes to energy efficiency programs, according to a report by the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy on June 14. The top two investor-owned utilities in the nation were Eversource and National Grid, which both operate in Massachusetts. Pacific Gas & Electric […]

CA Wind & Solar Power #5 Among States

14 Jun

For the first time, monthly electricity generation from wind and solar (including utility-scale plants and small-scale systems) exceeded 10 percent of total U.S. electricity generation, according to a June 14 analysis by the Energy Information Agency. Generation by those renewable resources exceeded the 10 percent mark in March after averaging 7 percent of total generation […]

Clean Energy Groups Call for Open DOE Study

1 May

In response to Energy Secretary Rick Perry’s call for a study of how renewable energy is affecting grid reliability and power markets, three clean energy groups called on him to make sure the review is conducted through “a public process.” In a letter to Perry on May 1, Advanced Energy Economy, the American Wind Energy […]


11 Apr

The California Energy Commission April 7 launched the California Offshore Renewable Wind Energy Gateway, a website that provides geospatial information on ocean wind resources, ecological and natural resources, ocean commercial and recreational uses, and community values. The commission said it created the gateway to support the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management’s California Intergovernmental Renewable Energy […]


7 Mar

An explosion killed a worker at the Sentinel power plant north of Palm Springs on March 6. Cal-OSHA and the California Energy Commission are probing what went wrong at the 800 MW gas-fired power plant which opened in 2013. Meanwhile, the plant is still operating. The Los Angeles Department of Water & Power hopes to […]

JUICE: Catching the Sea Breeze

6 Mar

While some gaze east to the vast desert when contemplating a state power grid run completely on renewable energy, others are peering west to the Pacific Ocean for its vast potential to produce wind power off the coast of California’s shores. Our state, according Walt Musial, National Renewable Energy Laboratory offshore wind manager, has the […]

CA Boasts 100,000s of Clean Energy Jobs

1 Feb

More people in California work in low carbon power generation than in fossil fuel generation and an even greater number work in energy efficiency, according to the Department of Energy’s 2017 U.S. Energy & Employment Report. Across the U.S., almost as many work in the low carbon emissions energy as in traditional fossil fuel energy […]

Feds Okay Major WY Transmission & Wind Projects Aimed for CA

19 Jan

Two Interior Department agencies gave the go-ahead for construction of the first phase of the largest wind energy project in North America this week. A few days earlier, another federal agency essentially signed off on a more than a 700-mile long transmission line running from the huge wind farm in south central Wyoming to southern […]

CA Climate Protection Produces $13 billion for San Joaquin Valley

19 Jan

The San Joaquin Valley, which is wracked by poor air and struggling communities, has reaped big economic benefits from state’s clean energy laws, according to a new analysis. (more…)

$10 B in New Western Transmission Would Make Way for 37% Wind in U.S.

11 Jan

Wind energy could provide more than 35 percent of the nation’s electricity in 2050 with the development of four specific transmission expansions estimated to cost $10.1 billion, according to a new report by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory. “Absent significant upgrades to the western transmission network, we find that a substantial amount of renewable energy […]

Small-Scale Wind Power Set to Grow, NREL Says

22 Nov

  There is a market potential for 1.5 GW of distributed wind energy by 2030 and 3.7 GW by 2050, according to a Nov. 21 National Renewable Energy Laboratory report.  (more…)

Prospects for Reaching CA’s 50% RPS, Near and Far

27 Oct

Two reports, one by western state interests and the other by California stakeholders, look through different lenses at how the Golden State can reach a 50 percent renewable power level by 2030. Both agree there’s a lot of solar, wind and geothermal potential in and outside of California, but in-state transmission constraints and a shortage of […]


20 Oct

All of the 20 new power plants added to the nation’s grid in August of this year were wind and solar facilities, according to S&P Global Market Intelligence. Wind represented 45 percent of new capacity and solar 55 percent. (more…)

CLIMATE ROUNDUP: Clean Power Plant Case Advances

29 Sep

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit heard oral arguments Sept. 27 in a case brought by a number of states and others challenging the federal Environmental Protection Agency’s Clean Power Plan, which requires the nation’s power industry to cut greenhouse gas emissions 30 percent by 2030. (more…)


29 Sep

The Los Angeles Department of Water & Power has completed the Barren Ridge Renewable Transmission project. The project is 62-mile line that will bring it 1,000 MW of solar and wind power from the Mojave Desert and Tehachapi Mountains.

CAISO Adopts Reactive Power Requirement for New Renewables

1 Sep

California’s grid operator Aug. 31 adopted a new standard to require solar and wind energy generators to provide reactive power to the grid when they build new projects. (more…)