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About Us


California Current was launched in 2003 in the aftermath of the California energy crisis. The state deregulation scheme was in tatters. Our initial mission was to explain the rebuilding of the state’s energy market and machinery. Nearly every decision and choice on electricity and gas has an impact on our lives, our air and planet. Our years of focused dedication gives CA Current deep insight into the levers of power and how they succeed and fail at the essential tasks of decarbonized, reliable, and affordable energy.

CA Current’s independently-powered news brings you the latest California energy developments and trends, geared toward the energy and climate professionals in government, industry and advocacy. Our laser focus is California, the largest energy and clean technology market in the nation and the point of origin for many energy and climate transitions that ripple across the U.S. and beyond.

Our experienced independent journalists keep you up to date on key regulatory, legal and legislative changes. Details matter, and we understand them. We analyze the impact of local, state and national policy measures on the climate, on public health, and on everyone who pays a utility bill. We track the significance of developments for market leaders and the market entrants who shepherd the technologies that keep the economy lit and moving. We monitor how climate change drives and complicates demand for solar, batteries and electric vehicles connected to the grid.

We strip out the insider jargon to bring you the latest in energy and climate policy in the state—the challenges and opportunities—as well as decisions outside that affect California.

If you work at an investor-owned electric or gas utility, a city, or community-owned electric utility or are an activist, Current keeps you abreast of state developments like building efficiency code updates, the tug of war between community energy and private utility bottom lines, state grants for clean energy and state legislation on energy resources, from offshore wind power, to microgrids, to the buildout of EV charging infrastructure.

If you work for a large solar panel manufacturer or wind developer, we keep you up to date on regulatory proposals and new bills that have the potential to advance or stifle the growth of the solar and wind markets. Along the way you’ll learn about community energy’s push for local solar projects and competition with big remote utility projects, as well as developments in offshore wind.

If you work for an EV company, Current delivers fresh information on state developments, including subsidies for vehicle purchases and roadblocks to charging infrastructure, ratemaking aimed at incentivizing vehicle owners to charge when renewable supplies are flush, and setbacks and advances on vehicle-to-grid regulations and technologies.

Whether you’re an energy pro, or an activist, Current makes sure you don’t miss a beat on energy policy in the world’s fifth largest economy and a leading market for clean technology.


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