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California’s community choice organizations signed agreements for 3,000 MW of clean energy supplies over the last year. “These projects reflect a diversity of resources that will boost energy resilience and help California attain a 100% clean electricity system, while also supporting green jobs and fueling economic development,” CalCCA Executive Director Beth Vaughan said Nov. […]

November 4, 2021|

Rooftop Solar Costs vs. Benefits Remain in Dispute

The longstanding question over rooftop solar systems’ costs versus its benefits remained unanswered at the conclusion of testimony given during the California Public Utilities Commission Net Energy Metering  3.0 proceeding.

Whether it is behind-the-meter solar or system infrastructure, there is a potential cost shift, but there is also value, power system consultant Karl Rabago, […]

August 18, 2021|

EV guide, gas well buffer zones, Renewables vs fossil

SDG&E released a new guide June 22 that provides details about electric medium- and heavy duty-vehicles in the pipeline—from the Ford F-150 Lightening to electric buses. The 110-page guide includes the weight, charging range, amount of battery storage and other details that are available for emerging electric large vehicles.

June 22, 2021|
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