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Resource Adequacy

Distributed Batteries Reach 700+ MW, But Much More Needed

Battery systems installed at California homes and businesses now total 721 megawatts, with roughly 70% percent of them, about 42,000 systems, charged by clean electricity connected to rooftop solar. That’s according to an Oct. 26 report by the California Solar and Storage Association.

The report says collectively the emissions-free systems comprise the largest battery in […]

October 26, 2021|

Totally Different States, Same Problem: Resource Adequacy

In what could be a meaningful coincidence, the California grid operator approved costly reliability ‘must run’ contracts Sept 23 on the same day that a Federal Energy Regulatory Commission member blamed the massive February outage in Texas on the lack of resource adequacy to help protect the grid.

The California Independent System Operator enters into […]

September 23, 2021|

5,000 MW Shortage Possible Next Summer

If drought and extreme heat continue into next year, the shortfall on the California grid from high summer heat could escalate to 5.2 GW, up from this summer’s projected shortfall of 3.5 GW. That is according to preliminary results of the California Energy Commission’s expanded planning model released Aug. 11.


August 12, 2021|

CEC Waives Permit for Another Diesel Backup at Data Center

The California Energy Commission exempted yet another very large diesel backup system from its permit certification process, putting the issue in the Bay Area Air Quality Management District’s court. The Commission also voted to allow two natural gas-fired power plants in Southern California to increase their output to meet peak demand when […]

June 29, 2021|
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