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Reducing cyber risks, R&D decarbonization funds, escalating rooftop solar debate

Federal energy regulators focus on cybersecurity this week. The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission wants standards that protect the power system from cyber attacks from insiders. FERC’s Chair also backs legislation setting reliability standards for natural gas and other pipelines.

The California Energy Commission outlines its priorities for its upcoming research and development spending […]

January 20, 2022|

Doors opening for consumers supplying the energy market, CPUC president’s debut, big bucks for climate mitigation

The California Energy Commission is breaking ground with its new rulemaking to automate consumers’ ability to get paid for sending power from their grid-connected water heaters, EVs, and other devices into the market. This new “prices to devices” process will aim to tie customer demand flexibility to real-time rates.

The new state regulatory […]

January 13, 2022|

Pricey SCE battery project and SONGS decommissioning, solar rooftop overhaul

The California Public Utilities  Commission generates lots of controversy this week. It proposes slashing payments to rooftop owners for juice fed into the grid and adding big monthly charges. Distributed solar and storage advocates say if approved, the net energy metering overhaul will wreak havoc on local clean energy. Private utilities and other […]

December 17, 2021|

More clean and dirty summer supplies, storage surges, Jordan Cove a no go

State regulators direct the state’s three investor-owned utilities to bring online up to 3,000 megawatts and negawatts the next two summers to avoid grid outages. To enable that target, the California Public Utilities expands the Emergency Load Reduction Program to households and eases the way for storage. It also okays pilots to shift agricultural […]

December 2, 2021|
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