Environmental Equity

Environmental Equity

New Fossil Free Energy Laws Added to the Books

Gov. Gavin Newsom signed more energy bills to increase clean electricity resources in California, many with an emphasis on improving options for marginalized communities. Many more measures are on his desk that will become law whether signed or not by the end of this month, unless vetoed. Among the bills approved by Newsom are ones […]

CA Bans Sale of Gas Heating and Cooling Appliances, Others May Be Included

California is the first state in the U.S. to prohibit the purchase of natural gas-fueled water heaters, furnaces and air conditioners to advance building electrification and slash toxic air pollution and greenhouse gases. The ruling will come into effect in 2030, or possibly earlier. The California Air Resources Board voted unanimously Sept. 22 to halt […]

Extreme Events Force CA Leaders to Face “Necessary Evils” to Protect Grid

Growing concerns about California’s power system necessitates the recent extraordinary steps by legislators to safeguard reliability, a key member of the California Energy Commission told Current during a recent interview. Since California’s 2020 blackouts, state regulators have authorized new energy supply, but Gov. Newsom’s signing of AB 205/SB 122 June 30 will help meet additional […]

Air Regulators’ Climate Plan Must Cut More Emissions: Newsom Says

Gov. Gavin Newsom directed the California Air Resources Board to tighten its proposed plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by removing reliance on 10 GW of new natural gas-fired plants, and driving more offshore wind development, home electrification and clean transportation fuels, including for the aviation industry. But he supports the 2022 climate Scoping Plan’s […]

Bills Seek to Promote Community Solar and a Clean Energy Workforce

Legislation to build both community solar and a clean energy workforce and create a distributed generation fund was passed by the Senate Energy Utilities & Communications Committee June 27. California is a leader in clean energy but it’s way behind other states on community solar developments that enable renters and other solar have nots to […]

State Carbon Emissions Reduction Plan Update Faces Big Pushback

California will need carbon capture and sequestration, plus 10 gigawatts of new natural gas-fired power plants to become carbon neutral by 2045, according to the latest update of the state’s blueprint for cutting greenhouse gas emissions. Much of the carbon capture and sequestration will involve better land management practices but also require using technology to […]

Energy Commission Okays $19M more in Grants

The California Energy Commission approved $19 million in grants this week to help commercialize clean energy projects, ranging from longer duration battery storage, electrification of industrial processes, and reductions of water and energy costs at low-income residences. On June 8, the CEC approved more than $8.3 million to three companies developing sustainable energy technologies as […]

Energy Commission Seeks Sizable Role in Distributed Energy Planning

The California Energy Commission launched its first proceeding to advance increased use of electric vehicles, solar systems, battery storage, and appliances that connect to the distribution grid and can fuel it. The action follows the California Public Utilities Commission’s first in a series of workshops to overhaul the utility distribution system to allow for surging […]

Bills Advancing Community Solar & Carbon Capture by Natural Lands Move Ahead

While the controversy over how much to pay owners of home rooftop solar projects for energy supplied to the grid and what to charge them for grid services rages on, legislation was passed promoting community solar projects. Half the output of these offsite solar arrays is to benefit low-income households. Defenders of state regulators’ proposal […]

Air Regulators Pitch Heavy Use of Carbon Capture to Slash Emissions by 2045

The California Air Resources Board’s draft update of its plan to cut greenhouse gases in the state would allow a significant increase in new gas-fired generation, rely on technologies to capture and store carbon and put off slashing emissions from fossil fuels to 2045. Last July, Gov. Gavin Newsom called on CARB to evaluate strategies […]

Stakeholders, Utility Unite in Face-Off with Regulators Over Arizona Just Energy Transition

Arizona Public Service (APS)  raised the national standard for a Just Energy Transition with its $144.45 million settlement with affected communities and tribal peoples in late 2020. The money was for assistance to communities impacted by the already-closed coal fueled 2,409 MW Navajo Generating Station and planned 2031 closures of the 2,270 MW Four Corners […]

$11 Million for Big Charging and Green Energy

This week the California Energy Commission approved $11 million in research grants for projects including a truck-mounted, non-polluting backup generator and a pilot program for a universal charger for electric vehicles. Another project that got funded, and the one that grabbed the most attention is a ChargePoint effort to create an unprecedented 600 kW automated, […]

Draft State Budget Includes More than $22B to Address Climate Crisis

The Governor pitches spending $22.5 billion to slash climate pollution from the transportation and energy sectors, and to address wildfire, with a focus on helping disadvantaged community members.

In Largest Approval Yet, Energy Commission OKs $730M for Clean Projects

This week, the five members of the California Energy Commission approved the largest one-time spending to date for clean energy research and development. Most of the grant money is to advance zero-emission cars, trucks and buses. “It is our job to remain at the cutting edge,” both in this country and globally, “on zero-emission transportation […]

Storage Surges, but Will Rooftop PV Payment Changes Affect its Pairing with Solar?

Well before California signed international agreements to slash climate-harmful emissions from the energy and building sectors at last month’s COP-26 climate summit in Glasgow, Scotland, the state was far ahead on battery storage. And it continues to charge ahead of other states, with more than 2.8 gigawatts of large and small batteries online that help […]

Air Board Plans Massive Spending to Address Vehicle Pollution

The California Air Resources Board is planning to spend $2.3 billion to advance zero emission cars, trucks, buses, and off-road engines, with $1.5 billion to be spent in the current fiscal year. More than half the total funding is directed to cleaning up the air in heavily burdened neighborhoods. Like the California Energy Commission’s new […]


The U.S. Senate unanimously confirmed Willie Phillips as the fifth member of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission the evening of Nov. 16. There are now three Democratic commissioners. FERC Chair Rich Glick applauded the confirmation, stating the five-member commission “functions best when it has a full complement of Commissioners.” Phillips has served as the D.C. […]

EPIC Funding Update: CEC Approves $750M for Clean Energy R&D

The California Energy Commission has okayed a $750 million budget to support clean energy research and development—from projects that are under development at labs, to those that are near commercialization. The five-year plan is in addition to approving more than a billion dollars to extend charging for trucks, buses and cars on Monday. Funding of about […]

Big Bucks Heading to EV Chargers and Refueling Stations

The same day the federal $1.2 billion Infrastructure package was signed into law that includes $7.5 billion for EV stations, the California Energy Commission approved a huge increase in its clean transportation investment plan, with a focus on charging stations for trucks and buses to reduce diesel pollution in overburdened communities.

Subsidies Spurred Small Solar Growth, Focus Shifts to Home Energy Storage

Hundreds of articles have addressed the controversy over how much residential solar rooftop owners should receive for the excess power they send to the grid to continue advancing solar, with utilities long claiming this burdens the solar have nots. But last week, the Energy Commission highlighted something else that’s helped solar advance in the state: the New Solar Home Partnership