Q-How do I reset my password?

A-Click on Sign In tab in the upper right corner of our homepage. Enter your user name, and then click the “lost password?” button below the log in button.

Q-Are PDFs included with the weekly headlines sent to subscribers’ inboxes?

A-The PDF was discontinued in January. All articles are online. If you wish to access a weekly PDF, click on CA Current PDF option, which is under the Archive headline, the fourth major headline down on the right side of the web page. The PDFs are posted chronologically, most recent first, starting with the year and followed by the month and day. For example, the Jan. 29, 2016, issue is: 16-29-01.

Q-How do I find a past article?

A-Type into our search engine the subject you’re searching for, be it net metering, community choice, cap and trade or another topic..