Apologies to Bob Dylan

By Published On: April 22, 2011

How many megawatts will we need To reach the new RPS? And how much wind will there be in the mix How can we know what is best? And how to forecast what we can’t even see? Are we just supposed to guess? The answer my friend, is blowing in the wind, The answer is blowing in the wind Yes how many Sunrises must we see, before solar hits its stride? And how does PV and thermal compare Should the markets start taking sides? And how many clouds must the system predict? Intermittency it can’t abide. The answer my friend, is shining in the sun, The answer is shining in the sun. And how much storage can be built in time To prevent a total collapse? And how many dams must enviros accept, To close those intermittent gaps? Yes, how will we manage the market’s new look Without the return of price caps? The answer my friend is stored in a box, The answer is stored in a box. --Gregg Fishman Edited By:

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