Assembly Panel Kicks Out Global Warming Bills

By Published On: June 26, 2014

The Assembly Natural Resources Committee approved measures promoting financing and a better understanding of climate change impacts June 23. The bills include: • SB 1121 by Sen. Kevin de León (D- Los Angeles) seeks to establish a “Green Bank” to provide a mix of public and private financing for qualifying low-carbon electricity and transportation technologies. It seeks to remove deployment barriers, including high upfront costs and limited financing, for projects to advance alternative energy, energy efficiency, demand response, carbon sequestration and less polluting vehicles. It aims to ensure a return on the investments. The public dollars would come from a portion of the state’s cap-and-trade market revenue that is legislatively allocated. • SB 1217 by Sen. Mark Leno (D-San Francisco) directs the Natural Resources Agency to conduct an assessment of the state’s climate risk vulnerability, including to infrastructure, by 2019, and every five years subsequently. “Climate change is occurring at a faster pace than anyone could have imagined,” said Leno. The legislation passed 5-2. It heads to the Assembly Appropriations. • SB 1275 by de León aims to bring one million electric cars and buses on to California roads to help reduce carbon and other air pollution. Approved 6-3 vote, the funding source is not yet known. • SB 1281 by Sen. Fran Pavley (D-Agoura Hills) seeks to provide transparency on the water use and wastewater production involved in oil and gas production, particularly from the fracking of new wells. “This is very timely because of the drought,” Pavley said. The committee sent the bill on to Appropriations after passing it 5-2.

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