Better LADWP-CAISO Contacts Could Have Avoided Blackout

By Published On: November 11, 2005

The loss of the Pacific DC Intertie, along with weather and load forecast errors, caused 1,750 MW to go down in Southern California August 25 – and the Los Angeles Department of Water & Power didn’t help matters – according to a November 10 California Independent System Operator report. “LADWP did not contact CAISO or the Reliability Coordinator when the [Intertie] blocked or when [a] second pole was taken out of service. CAISO attempted to contact LADWP but the calls were not answered,” noted the report. The grid operator concluded, “In the area of communication between control areas (CAISO-LADWP), it believes there is an opportunity for improvement. Had there been adequate communication between the two control areas, the need to interrupt firm load could have been avoided or minimized.”

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