Border Price Spike Dispute Endures

By Published On: July 2, 2005

Even though the California Public Utilities Commission refused to fine Sempra $28 million for allegedly causing price spikes in border gas during the energy crisis, Southern California Edison is pressing the case. In a June 24 motion, Edison asked the commission to compel Sempra Energy to produce documents. Edison has been adamant in claiming that the price of gas going to its power plants during the time was fixed (<i>Circuit</i>, Dec. 4, 2004). Edison is seeking deposition transcripts, documents referring to affiliate transaction compliance notices, and discussions of whether the latter information should be posted on Sempra utilities? Web sites. Edison claims Sempra promised to produce the documents in late April. Edison said that Sempra made a ?meaningless promise? and is trying to ?project the image to the commission that it is cooperating with the commission?s investigation.? It?s a ?discovery dispute,? said Sempra spokesperson Jennifer Andrews. She said the company will respond next week.

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