CA Asks FERC’s OK to Expand Energy Imbalance Market

By Published On: April 17, 2014

The California grid operator seeks permission from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to include NV Energy in its “Energy Imbalance Market” set to launch this coming October to fill short-term power gaps. The California Independent System Operator’s new market now includes only PacifiCorp. On April 16, NV Energy asked Nevada regulators for the authority to join the CAISO’s emerging imbalance market beginning in October 2015. The utility serves 1.3 million customers. “As energy resources diversify, regional coordination and collaboration becomes more important than ever, and the energy imbalance market is leveraging ISO technologies to use energy resources as efficiently as possible,” said Steve Berberich, grid operator president and chief executive officer. “Importantly, electric delivery reliability will be enhanced by increasing visibility, coordination, and outage response across larger portions of the western U.S. energy network,” added Paul Caudill, NV Energy president. The energy imbalance market, or EIM, is expected to allow participating grid operators, or “balancing authorities,” to participate in a voluntary real-time energy market expected to enhance grid reliability and responsiveness in the West, as well as better integrate renewable power and cut wholesale energy costs.

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