California’s Greenhouse Gas Registry in Limbo

By Published On: June 23, 2006

California’s Greenhouse Gas Registry in Limbo California’s Climate Change Registry, the locus for power companies and other outfits to voluntarily report their greenhouse gas emissions, is expected to be a critical part of AB 32. What role it will play is, however, uncertain, partly because of competing budget proposals. Many expect the nonprofit registry to be subsumed by a state agency, likely the air board, assuming that CO2 reporting becomes mandatory under state law. Under the governor’s recent 2007-08 budget revision, the registry gets no money. Instead, the California Environmental Protection Agency would receive $500,000. The legislative version of the budget revision would give that amount to the California Air Resources Board, which will implement the CO2 reduction legislation if signed into law. This year, the registry received no state money. It was funded by private donations, grants, and fees from its members, according to Joel Levin, registry spokesperson. AB 32 is expected not only to keep the registry alive but to capitalize on its expertise, including its tracking and accounting standards and protocol, developed since the organization’s launch in 2002.

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