CEC Changes Rules to Facilitate New Renewables Projects

By Published On: December 14, 2003

The California Energy Commission revised rules in its new renewables program November 19 to allow for more flexibility and thus for more renewables to stay on line. ?It?s to encourage [those] that aren?t on line to build, and those that are on line to produce more,? explained Suzanne Korosec, CEC manager of new renewables. She wouldn?t hazard a guess as to how many more megawatts could be produced under the new rules. ?It depends on how they?re doing with their original estimates.? The rules extend the date for funding awards for a year?to July of 2004?for projects that are not on line to ?allow a measure of financial certainty,? she said. They also allow for those who aren?t meeting their generating thresholds to reduce their funding award or add capacity. The commission also voted to spend $130,000 on a carbon sequestration (pollution control) project in partnership with the West Coast Regional Carbon Sequestration Partnership. The partnership is a consortium of state natural resources, environmental protection, and other agencies; national labs and universities; and private companies working on carbon dioxide capture, transportation, and storage technologies. The project is under the US Department of Energy.

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