Circuit Circus

By Published On: July 17, 2009

Just when renewable energy becomes eligible for a 30 percent grant payment for project costs, a furlough of state staff who process permits threatens to jeopardize the funds. The slow down is a big deal because unless the big solar projects break ground next year the developers can’t get the federal stimulus money. In another potential delay for new renewable energy, the Transmission Authority of Northern California dropped a plan to build a $1.5 billion power line from the northeast corner of California into the Sacramento and outer reaches of the San Francisco Bay Area. The authority abandoned the project after major partners, including the Sacramento Municipal Utility District, pulled out. Could California bolster a clean, green future by taking a page from North Dakota? This week’s Juice examines a proposal to form a publicly owned Bank of California. It's similar to the Bank of North Dakota, and just what it might do for renewable energy development. Finally, the Energy Commission notes a small drop in the percentage of California’s power made with renewable resources. The level of renewable energy used fell from 10.8 percent in 2007 to 10.6 percent last year as a 20 percent renewable energy mandate looms next year.

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