Circuit's Circus

By Published On: June 19, 2009

School is out for summer! But that’s not why the Energy Commission and California's other specially-funded agencies have ice cream headaches. Migraines are rampant because of the governor’s order to freeze all agency contracts, regardless of their funding source. It halts tens of millions dollars of services and goods-- many considered mission “critical.” To capitalize on the sun and utility power, state regulators approve a utility-owned solar project the size of most fossil-fueled plants. They insist that half the 500 MW of commercial solar rooftops for tanned Southern Californians be from independent solar firms. Big solar and other renewable power projects on public land may be all the rage, but too many can be a problem. Circuit proscribes an environmental regime to ensure today’s Paul Bunyan and ox, Babe the Blue, don’t trample the little guys. The Sacramento Utility Municipal District approves a big rate hike and $90 million for its so called “smart meter” program.

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