Circuit's Circus

By Published On: July 3, 2009

Like fireworks shot into a foggy evening sky, the state’s subsidized solar power program’s sparkle gets diminished by local conditions. High city fees for installing PV rooftops units and permit delays block the California Public Utilities Commission's goal of 3,000 MW of new solar-fueled units under its $2 billion-plus ratepayer-funded program. Although not dependent on clear skies, the longevity of aging nuclear plants, like fireworks, fizzle over time. Giving the Viagra to the plants—which create lots of radioactive waste with no where to go- however, may temporarily do the trick. But it may also give the generation stations and surrounding neighbors more than heart attacks. Elsewhere, state officials and experts prepare fireworks to promote a grid with far more pizzazz. But, "smart grid" proponents don’t want last year’s fireworks tossed but improved with high tech technology.

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