Circuit's Circus

By Published On: July 24, 2009

I say tomatoe. You say tomata. CAISO says efficiency. Generators say price depression. While no one wants to call the whole thing off, the grid operator admits to inconsistencies and glitches in its complex power market redesign launched April 1. While rotten tomatoes flew as the state budget deal was released, Pacific Gas & Electric announced it was seeking at least a 12 percent rate hike starting in 2011. In a filing to the Division of Ratepayer Advocates riddled with the usual indecipherable jargon, the utility claims bills must rise to allow for the upgrade of its power plants and other parts of its aging infrastructure. Far worse than rotten vegetables are rotten nuclear reactor heads. PG&E says there are no “holes in the heads” of its nuke in this week’s JUICE editorial. While it has been hot in much of the state, demand is down. That is no thanks to refrigerators with Energy Star labels.

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