Climate Change: Electric Rail Credits

By Published On: November 2, 2012

Electric rail transportation could become a source of compliance credits under the state’s low carbon fuel standard. The California Air Resources Board plans to discuss the feasibility of amending its standard to incorporate electric rail transportation as a low carbon fuel at a meeting in Sacramento Nov. 7. The agency promises to post materials on its website in advance of the meeting. The standard seeks to cut greenhouse gas emissions from transportation fuel by 10 percent by 2020 by promoting use of electricity, biofuels, and other alternatives to gasoline and diesel fuel. * * * * * A Clean Energy States Alliance report Oct. 29 confirmed that California leads the league in deployment of state-supported renewable generation systems. It produces about 26 percent of total power from state-supported facilities nationwide. California has so many projects compared to other states that the report compares the state to regions, rather than individual states. Total nationwide production from state-supported renewable power systems equals about 10.7 million MWh. The report chronicles state-supported projects installed since 1998 and concludes that nationwide the resulting 130,000 generation facilities are reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 8.1 million tons, the equivalent of taking about 1.4 million cars off the road. “Despite the economic climate, state clean energy funds have continued to demonstrate innovation, support emerging technologies, and advance clean energy markets,” stated Mark Sinclair, Clean Energy States Alliance executive director. “The better news is that, after 13 years of data collection, we feel confident that these industry trends are here to stay.”

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