Congress Sees 2nd Gas Pipeline Safety Bill

By Published On: October 8, 2010

Natural gas pipeline owners would be required to install automatic shut off valves in seismic regions and notify property owners of transmission pipelines within 2,000 feet of their property under legislation by Representative Jackie Speier (D-CA). The Secretary of Transportation also would be directed to inform homeowners how to access maps of pipelines on private property every three years. The federal bill’s provisions are similar to legislation recently introduced in the Senate. There, the “Strengthening Pipeline Safety and Safety Enforcement Act of 2010” is by Senators Barbara Boxer and Dianne Feinstein (D-CA). Speier’s “Pipeline Safety and Community Empowerment Act” introduced last week also requires the secretary to: -Establish standards for natural gas leak detection equipment and methods; -Set pipeline inspection standards within 270 days; and -Factor in seismic action, age of the pipe, and inspection methods when determining a “high consequence” area, like San Bruno. In other news, the Federal Emergency Management Agency denied Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s request last month seeking to declare the Golden State a disaster area because of the impact and cost of the San Bruno explosion. In his October 7 appeal to FEMA, Schwarzenegger wrote, “[T]he monetary cost to the state and the economic impact on local governments, combined with the economic impact of recent disasters, makes this incident of such severity and magnitude that effective response and recovery is beyond the capabilities of the State of California and its affected local governments, and that supplementary federal assistance is needed.” As of September 17, the damage was estimated at $15.4 million, he stated

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