CPUC Denies Smart Meter Investigation

By Published On: December 3, 2010

A proposal to investigate the health effects of radio transmission frequencies of “smart” meters was denied by the California Public Utilities Commission Dec. 2. After presentations by members of the public concerned about the issue, commissioners voted 4-1 to grant a Pacific Gas & Electric motion to deny the EMF Safety Network’s petition for an additional smart meter investigation. State regulators punted to federal counterparts, noting the latter’s role in the matter. “We’re relying on the FCC [Federal Communications Commission] to establish safe levels [of electro-magnetic frequencies] that are reasonable and prudent. If standards are inaccurate or incomplete--take it to the FCC,” said commission president Mike Peevey. Other commissioners noted that they are open to more investigation--just not in this docket. “I have considerable sympathy,” said commissioner Dian Grueneich. “It’s not the right procedural vehicle.” “I’m not opposed to the notion of pursuing a more in-depth study of impacts,” added commissioner Tim Simon. The lone dissenter, commissioner Nancy Ryan, noted that she simply wanted to delay a vote, contingent on results of the latest health study. Over the last few months, public comments during commission’s meetings on possible health impact from EMFs have escalated. On Dec. 2, at the end of the public comment period, Peevey ordered dozens of constituents to “clear the room.”

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