CPUC Holds Ground on LNG Terminal Hearings

By Published On: September 18, 2004

Over objections from liquefied natural gas developer Sound Energy Solutions, a September 13 ruling and scoping memo by the California Public Utilities Commission reaffirmed the need for hearings on the company?s plan to build an LNG terminal. Sound Energy insists it won?t participate in hearings until the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission cedes jurisdiction over the project. But the CPUC stands by its own authority and plans to investigate a range of safety and environmental impacts associated with the proposed plant in Long Beach. In addition, possible ripple effects on energy markets will be examined in the case. ?As proposed, the SES project could import up to almost 10 percent of California?s natural gas supplies. The effects on the state?s energy markets could be pronounced during periods of high demand or interruptions of supplies from other sources,? said commissioner Geoffrey Brown and administrative law judge Peter Allen.

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