CPUC Plans Meter Info Sharing

By Published On: October 5, 2007

A proposed California Public Utilities Commission decision would require San Diego Gas & Electric to share its advanced meter data with other investor-owned utilities. The October 2 proposal’s concept is that by sharing data, utilities can develop a more interactive set of smart meter rules. In April, the commission allowed SDG&E to spend up to $572 million to implement its advanced meter system. Regulators approved Pacific Gas & Electric spending $49 million for advanced meter deployment earlier this year. PG&E may spend $1.5 billion if it expands to full installation in its territory. Southern California Edison was the last major utility to embrace smart meters. It is distancing itself from PG&E by using off-the-shelf technology instead of proprietary systems. Edison’s plan to spend $45 million in smart meter research and development was approved earlier this year. It’s been estimated that if Edison installed smart meters across its territory it would cost $1.5 billion. However, utilities may be implementing far different sets of technologies–so a meter in San Diego may not be able to provide the same information, or the same interaction as one being installed in PG&E territory. Thus, the commission’s concern over information sharing.

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