Davis and West Sacramento Vote for SMUD Annex

By Published On: March 19, 2005

The city councils of Davis and West Sacramento unanimously voted to ask the Sacramento Municipal Utility District to annex their cities. The Davis City Council voted on March 15 to replace Pacific Gas & Electric service with SMUD?s. The West Sacramento City Council cast its vote approving annexation on March 16. ?This is one of the biggest things that?s happened in Davis,? said Dan Berman of the Coalition for Local Power. The Yolo County Board of Supervisors will vote April 5 on whether to ask SMUD to move forward with annexation. The Woodland City Council voted for SMUD annexation last month. The only public opposition came from the Davis Chamber of Commerce, which argued that annexation would put city businesses at risk. The chamber called for more studies by the city commissions. The ball now goes to SMUD to evaluate the financial benefits and risks of adding 85,000 new customers from the three Yolo County cities and unincorporated areas of the county. A study by consultant R.W. Beck concluded that Yolo County ratepayers would save an average of 8.5 percent if the electricity were delivered by SMUD instead of by PG&E. ?The financial aspects are going to get a lot more scrutiny by SMUD,? said Davis City Council member Sue Greenwald. ?SMUD wants to make sure it works for everyone.? Greenwald said Davis?s unanimous vote was not unexpected. A Davis public power task force four years ago evaluated various options for municipalization and concluded that joining SMUD was the least risky option. PG&E has vowed to go to court to fight any annexation of its existing customer base by SMUD.

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