Demand-Response Programs Unveiled

By Published On: June 19, 2004

As concerns mount about possible supply shortages this summer, Pacific Gas & Electric and Southern California Edison have offered several new or expanded programs. PG&E?s ?E-SAVE? proposal would offer rebates to medium-size and large customers who reduce peak loads by 20 percent when the forecast power price is 20 cents/kWh or higher. PG&E?s ?Power Down? program equates conservation with demand response, according to a utility spokesperson. The programs had been planned for next year. Edison would expand its Smart Thermostat pilot program, which gives customers incentive payments for allowing thermostats to be remotely adjusted up to four degrees. The utility proposed to reopen the 20/20 program, which would allot customers a 20 percent bill credit for reducing peak consumption by 20 percent compared to the same month the previous summer. In addition, Edison offered to increase enrollment for its residential air conditioning load control program, which entails installing devices that allow the utility to switch off air conditioners temporarily.

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