Developing Countries Seek CA Renewable Know How

By Published On: December 5, 2008

Latin American, Caribbean, and African nations hope to team with California policy makers and renewable energy companies to tap technical know-how and assistance to develop their own solar, wind, and other renewable resources to reduce global warming and fossil fuel dependence. During a November 26 press conference in San Francisco, representatives from developing countries said they were willing, but unable to exploit their renewable resources. “By looking at the existing market, we will be able to compare what works, and what doesn’t, identify solutions, and most importantly create an environment where individuals and organizations will interact, network and create partnerships on a global scale,” said Richard Soyombo, head of the Bay Area Center for International Trade Development. “All of us from the public private and civil society have an unavoidable responsibility to take all of the measures needed to promote a more rational usage of energy for the benefit of our children and for the future of our country,” said Carlos Felix, Consul General of Mexico. He and representatives from Brazil, Guatemala, El Salvador, Barbados, as well as from San Francisco and a solar company based in Silicon Valley--Solaria--consider the current global crisis a short-term problem that will not impede the long-term prospects of wind, solar, wave, and other alternative energy resources. Mitigating greenhouse gas emissions and adapting to changes wrought by global warming are inextricably linked, said Stephen Schneider, Stanford University climatologist and professor. “At some point, adaptation will run out of gas.” Schneider added that mitigation was essential to keep global warming from causing significant damage and that the U.S. has a moral obligation to protect struggling people in developing coastal regions and others that bear the brunt of a carbon-impacted world. “That means a joint strategy to deal with it, and adaptation is directly connected to the sustainable development agenda, and mitigation is connected to the renewable energy issues,” he said, An international renewable trade conference sponsored by the Center for International Trade Development will be held in early April in San Francisco.

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