Duties on Chinese Solar Panels Could Halt Utility-Scale Projects

By Published On: August 15, 2014

The anti-dumping trade case against Chinese solar panels is threatening to upend major utility-scale projects in California and other states, concluded solar market research firm Solarbuzz Aug. 11. “Large-scale ground-mount [photovoltaic] installations are particularly vulnerable to cost increases and potential disruption as many have signed power purchase agreements at aggressive rates,” said Michael Barker, Solarbuzz senior analyst. Deals are threatened that would use Chinese solar panels to create 3 GW of new generating capacity—40 percent of it in California—after the Commerce Department slapped on import duties of up to 44 percent, according to Solarbuzz. Those duties have the potential to disrupt project economics, which Barker said “could mean renegotiation, delay, or even termination.”

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