Edison Opposes Alternate Tehachapi Route

By Published On: December 4, 2009

The transmission line from wind resources in the Tehachapi Mountains and Southern California continues to keep stakeholders in high dungeon. An “en banc” hearing before a majority of California Public Utilities Commission members November 20 found no consensus on the path the high-voltage line should take. Furthermore, it devolved into recriminations between the utility sponsor, Southern California Edison, and the city of Chino Hills, among others. Chino Hills proposes a path that veers towards a state park in order to avoid city environmental concerns over the 500 kV transmission line. Edison representatives told regulators that the city was misrepresenting facts over the impact of its alternative route. “These are incredible statements,” said Bruce Foster, Edison senior vice president, regulatory affairs. Edison also maintains that investigating Chino Hills’ alternative route would set the project back by years. The Division of Ratepayer Advocates, Center for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Technologies, and the California Wind Energy Association support moving on the current path for the transmission line. No decision was made by regulators at the time.

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