Exemptions Sought for San Onofre Emergency Plan

By Published On: October 2, 2014

Southern California Edison presented its arguments to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission for exemptions from several San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station emergency plan-related regulations Sept. 24. While commission staff evaluates those requests, Edison applied for a series of license amendments that would “essentially implement those suggestions,” according to commission spokesperson David McIntyre. “Edison is not asking to be exempted from all emergency preparedness requirements; rather, there are some requirements for operating reactors that may not be necessary for decommissioning plants,” McIntyre added. This follows Edison’s formal filing of its decommissioning plan to the commission Sept. 23. Using the state’s decommissioning trust fund to begin work hinges on that plan. The San Onofre Community Engagement panel noted earlier in September that the sooner the plan is finalized, the sooner the trust fund is set to be available. But, the Alliance for Nuclear Responsibility is concerned that Edison could use it as an open purse, noted the organization’s attorney John Geesman. San Onofre should not be exempt from the commission’s emergency response and security regulations, according to a May 1 letter from Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-CA) and four other Congressmembers (Current, May 8, 2014). They called the agency’s current exemptions for non-California plants “unacceptable.” The letter noted that four exemptions for San Onofre are under agency review. None were noted for Humboldt Bay, shut in 1976 and still being decommissioned.

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