Fed Agency Budgets Aim at Cleaner Energy

By Published On: May 8, 2009

The U.S. Department of Energy and Environmental Protection Agency released their proposed 2010 budgets May 7. Both touted the funds as advancing cleaner power alternatives to fossil fuels and energy independence. DOE seeks approval for a $26.4 billion spending plan. EPA proposes a $10.5 billion budget blueprint. “The President’s budget for energy reflects his commitment to ending our dependence on foreign oil, restoring our scientific leadership and putting Americans back to work through investments in a new green energy economy,” Department of Energy Secretary Steven Chu stated. The federal environmental agency’s budget positions “EPA to lead the way in green jobs, in innovation and technology, and in action on global climate change,” noted agency administrator Lisa Jackson. Jackson said her agency plans to make key investments in a greenhouse gas emissions inventory--including in analytical tools, testing capabilities, and research coordination with other agencies. The budget includes a $17 million investment in the greenhouse gas registry, which includes data reporting and implementation efforts, data management systems, measurement technologies and guidance for the regulated community. The budget also includes an additional $2 million for EPA to reduce its own greenhouse gas emissions by 3 percent each year. The federal environmental agency also seeks to increase funding for the Inspector General’s office to monitor the billions of public dollars entrusted to the agency via the federal stimulus package. Also in Washington D.C., the energy agency budget proposes: -Cutting funding for programs that include more than $200 million in oil and gas company research. -Expanding the use of renewable energy sources while improving energy transmission infrastructure. -Supporting the administration’s goal to develop a strong and secure electricity grid. -Bolstering scientific research and innovation – including new science aimed at advancing cleaner energy jobs. -Investing in low-emissions plug-in and hybrid vehicles, nuclear energy, and clean coal technologies to curb carbon emissions.

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