Feinstein Cites Dangers of Plastic Gas Pipe

By Published On: October 21, 2011

Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) is raising a new potential hazard embedded within Pacific Gas & Electric’s gas distribution system: plastic pipe that can become brittle and cause gas leaks. Feinstein raised the issue during an Oct. 18 hearing by the Senate Commerce, Science, & Transportation Subcommittee on Surface Transportation & Merchant Marine Infrastructure, Safety, & Security. She said she had just spoken to PG&E chief executive officer Anthony Early, who told her about the 1,200 miles of plastic pipe in the utility’s system. There have been 11 accidents statewide involving plastic natural gas pipe, according to the California lawmaker. She said that because it becomes brittle the utility is planning to remove it Feinstein urged regulators and lawmakers to look into plastic pipe throughout California, known for its earthquakes, as well as in other locations.

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