Joint Resource Plan Approved

By Published On: November 15, 2013

State energy regulators adopted a staff plan to allow them to continue working with the grid operator to jointly develop guidelines for future resource and grid reliability. The joint plan “endorses principles and procedures” for the commission and California Independent System Operator to follow, said Ed Randolph, California Public Utilities Commission energy division director. “It is not an endorsement of a certain outcome.” However, one stakeholder took issue with the joint reliability plan, noting it was developed without public input. Sara Steck Myers, attorney for the Center on Energy Efficiency & Renewable Technologies, said the document’s so-called “guidelines” give short shrift to both decarbonizing the energy system and rate reasonableness, giving a leg up to fossil-fired plants. Regulators adopted the plan unanimously at the Nov. 14 meeting, but the proposal to allow the CAISO to replace its current backstop authority to fill in short-term supply gaps with a voluntary market mechanism was looked on with skepticism. Commissioner Mike Florio stressed that the plan must “emphatically include preferred resources,” which means giving priority to energy efficiency and not fossil resources. Under the joint plan, the two entities also are to: * Share data; * Focus on meeting system and local needs; and * Move away from annual resource adequacy requirements to a two-three year mandate. CAISO is set to adopt that plan at its December meeting.

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