LADWP Expects to Unveil New ‘Green Path’ Paths

By Published On: October 19, 2007

The Los Angeles Department of Water & Power expects to soon release a study outlining alternative alignments for its Green Path transmission project “What we want to do at DWP is work something out locally . . . to serve the greater good,” said David Nahai, muni president, at an October 17 meeting on transmission corridors in Los Angeles. The department pulled back its plan for the transmission project in May in response to what Nahai called a public “outcry” over the proposed route. Since then, the muni has been studying different paths for the line. The project is intended to transmit renewable energy from the geothermal and solar-rich Imperial Valley into Los Angeles. The line also would carry power from the existing Palo Verde nuclear power plant in Arizona, but not “newclear” energy, joked Nahai. The muni president said he expected robust discussion on the upcoming study. Environmentalists at the meeting lauded the department for considering different routes, but said they were not sure that any of the alternatives under examination would have fewer impacts than the originally proposed alignment. The department’s project would interconnect with a transmission line being built by the Imperial Irrigation District in the low desert area. The IID line also would tie into San Diego Gas & Electric’s contested and delayed plan to build the Sunrise Powerlink transmission line (Circuit, July 27, 2007) Nahai called the department’s plan “completely distinct” from the SDG&E plan.

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