Lawmakers Attempt to Tie Land-Use to Greenhouse Gases

By Published On: July 13, 2007

A bill seeking to act as an incentive for local planning commissions to address greenhouse gas reductions passed the Assembly Transportation Committee July 9–but withstood opposition from labor and the League of California Cities. “Metropolitan planning organizations need to sit down with air boards and develop growth scenarios,” said author Senator Darrell Steinberg (D-Sacramento). The legislation, SB 375, is aimed at planning for transportation, not new power plant sources of emissions. Both the League of California Cities and labor representatives sought to keep planning authority at the local level. SB 375 passed on an 8-5 vote. Other bills aimed at vehicles and alternative energy passed the committee as follows: -SB 140–Energy, Utilities & Commerce Committee chair Senator Christine Kehoe (D-San Diego) explained this legislation is one of a series of Democratic caucus greenhouse gas reduction bills. It requires a 2 percent renewable component in diesel fuels, increasing to 5 percent in two years. The California Energy Commission is slated to determine whether sources are adequate. It passed on an 8-6 vote. -SB 210–Another Kehoe bill calls for “No backsliding on emissions,” she said. It requires the California Air Resources Board to develop a low carbon fuel standard with a goal of 10 percent renewable content. “If you can go beyond 10 percent, so be it,” she said. The vote again was close, 8-6.

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